Wonder Woman, Constantine, Catwoman, Ghost Rider: Comic Reel Wrap for October 30th


Uber-producer Joel Silver told Sci Fi Wire that he still plans to oversee a movie about Themyscria's Finest. "I want to make [it], I'm working on the script. We've got to get it right." Silver said that "Birds of Prey" creator Laeta Kalogridis is working on a new script. "She wrote a script for me years ago about Joan of Arc that was really very smart," Silver said.


Superherohype has a set of photos from the set of the Keanu-helmed Vertigo translation.


Superherohype also has a a spy report on the trailer for the upcoming sci fi thriller. The spy, called "Mark" said: "I attended a preview of 'Alien: The Director's Cut' last night and attached was a teaser for 'Alien vs. Predator.' From what I remember there were a lot of close-up shots and the Predator 'clicking' sound. As it showed close-ups of the Predator and Alien, a tagline came up: 'Whoever wins ... We lose.' Then the logo was AVP and it said 'Coming to Earth 8/13/2003.' I'm pretty sure the date was the 13th." Perhaps the spy meant "2004," unless the release involves time travel, but we're sure you get the point. In any case, Ain't It Cool News allegedly has a copy of the script, and they're not happy with what they read.


First of all, the gang at Dynamic Forces caught Halle Berry on "Extra!" talking about her stunt work. "I'm getting to do a lot of my own fighting," Berry said, "I'm able to do some of this Catwoman stuff that I really didn't think I would be able to do." Second, Popbitch.com was the first place to post a "help wanted" ad for an in-shape African-American female who knows her way around a sport motorcycle to stunt double for Halle Berry in the "Catwoman" movie. If any of the women auditioning for the role are single, please contact us here at the Comic Reel, so we can interview you about your experience, perhaps over dinner.


Dark Horizons reports that, "the long-awaited adaptation of the Marvel comic "Ghost Rider" staring Nic Cage and Jon Voight has pushed back its start of shooting well into 2004 which means a release won't be on the cards til 2005 at the earliest."


There's a new villainous presence in town, and of course Kryptonsite has all the info. Some spoilers, so click with caution. Plus, Sci Fi Wire chats with John Schneider, erstwhile Duke boy and present-day Jonathan Kent about last night's guest star Michael McKean.


The Brampton Guardian profiles Jay Stephens about his work and his November 1 NBC debut, making the transition from indie comics to the small screen.


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