Wonder Woman, Conan Team Up In New Comic by Simone & Lopresti

Wonder Woman is pretty understandably at the forefront of pop culture this summer, and the resurgence of her popularity looks like it's gonna keep steady through the fall, as well. Now, Gail Simone is poised to make her return to the DC heroine, and she's bringing along another iconic warrior with her.

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Announced today by DC Comics, Simone is writing a Wonder Woman/Conan crossover series from DC and Dark Horse with artist Aaron Lopresti, inker Matt Ryan and colorist Wendy Broome. The six-issue series, slated to arrive in late-September, will find the Amazonian joining forces with the Cimmerian Barbarian, per the first issue's official solicit:

What makes one a legend? How do legends carve their name into history, when countless others are forgotten? Wonder Woman and Conan the Barbarian are destined by the fates to be legendary, but when their stories collide, will both emerge victorious, or will the fickle Gods cut their lives short?

“I love crossovers, I love Wonder Woman, and being able to bring the undisputed greatest warriors of the DCU and Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age together for the very first time is a dream come true,” Simone said.

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This isn't the first foray into Howard's world for the veteran writer, having previously overseen Red Sonja for Dynamite. Simone also worked with Lopresti during her run on Wonder Woman. Fans can check out the first issue's cover below:

The six-issue crossover will hit stands on September 20. Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman is in theaters now.

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