Wonder Woman's Brother Gets a Superhero Costume of His Own

WARNING: This issue contains spoilers for Wonder Woman #41 by James Robinson and Stephen Segovia, in stores now.

The saga of of Diana Prince's twin brother has been full of twists and turns. The character's existence was teased over two years ago, but it took the most recent Wonder Woman storyline, "Children of the Gods," to pay off that long-established setup. Diana first came face-to-face with her long lost brother in Wonder Woman #32, a new character who had godly powers of his own. Like Diana, Jason is super-strong and can fly, but he also takes a bit more after their father, Zeus, demonstrating ability to control the winds.

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Instantly, this made readers wonder about Jason's future in the DC Universe. Would he remain confined to the Wonder Woman title, or will he take on a larger role that will see him interact with the rest of the Justice League? While that remains to be seen, Wonder Woman #41 is indicating the latter as Jason has just debuted a superhero costume of his own.

When Diana first learned about Jason, the question everyone was asking was whether her twin would be friend or foe. The answer, it turns out, was a little complicated. When Diana first met him, Jason only appeared to be friendly towards her. The other shoe dropped when he revealed that he was actually in league with Grail, the daughter of Darkseid and the most recent addition to Wonder Woman's rogues gallery. Eventually, Jason would overcome his anger and come to side with his sister, but only after their father, sacrificed himself to save his children.

Then, everything slowed down. Jason started living with Diana, and he began to discover what kind of person he was going to be. After going through a bit of a learning curve filled with parties and alcohol, the arrival of the Silver Swan prompted him to re-examine his priorities. As he got ready to leave Diana behind, however, a mysterious purple energy whisked him away to parts unknown in Wonder Woman #40.

We don't yet know the story behind the abduction, although we can safely say that the strange energy did not kill him, because Jason makes a return on the final page of issue #41. His return is made all the more striking considering that the character reappears with an official superhero costume.

Although he hasn't revealed his superhero name just yet, Jason's outfit is equal parts tactical and divine. There are elements, like the boots and bracelets, that call back to Wonder Woman's Amazonian garb, but the costume is its own thing, with a color scheme that mixes dark blues, gold and silver with a slight hint of red. Plus, he appears to have his very own chest logo.

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It's not only the costume that's new. Jason has returned with a confidence he didn't bear when he lef, making his mysterious absence all the more curious. Has he traveled through time? And who designed this armor? Was it the Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire and metals? Whatever happened to Jason, wherever or whenever he went, we'll likely begin to find out next issue.

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