Wonder Woman, Boondocks, Asterix 3, Enquete Corse, Spider-Man 2 and Hellboy: Comics2Film wrap for August 12, 2003


Comics2Film/CBR News has learned that, only three months after we broke thenews that Philip Levens ("Smallville") was writing a screenplay for the "WonderWoman" feature film, yet another new writer as come on board the project.

Laeta Kalogridis has been hired by Warner Bros. to whip the Amazonianprincess into shape. 

Kalogridis is well known to C2F readers as writer and executive producer onthe "Birds of Prey" series. She also wrote the screenplay for OliverStone's epic "Alexander" which stars Colin Farrell as Alexander theGreat.

While her filmography may show only those two official credits, Kalogridis isknown around town for writing tough, female action heroes. She did extensiveuncredited work on "X-Men" as well as taking passes at scriptsfor  "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," "Modesty Blaise" and"Catwoman." She also sold a highly regarded "Joan of Arc"spec early in her career.

Kalogridis will be starting "Wonder Woman" from scratch, writing acompletely new script, which deals with the origins of the character.


Marvel Enterprises published their secondquarter financial results, which included projections for upcoming movieprojects.

The report lists "The Punisher" as being slated for aspring/summer release next year, which could mean it'll hit theaters sooner thanexpected.

"Blade III" is due out in August.

The statement stilllists "Fantastic Four" as a December 2004 release, but later allowsthat it may be a 2005 release. The latter date seems more likely given that themovie's script is still being worked on and that the project currently lacks adirector.

The "Spider-Man 2" DVD is projected to be out in November2004. The movie, of course, is scheduled for July 2nd.

Other film projects said to be onthe near horizon are "X-Men 3" for Fox, "The Hulk 2" and "Namor"for Universal Pictures, "Elektra" for New Regency/Fox, "IronMan" for New Line Cinema, "Ghost Rider" for Sony and"Deathlok" for Paramount.

The long discussed "BladeAnimated" series is also said to be in the works for MTV, presumablefollowing the wrap of that franchise.



Today's Varietyreports that an animated TV show based on Aaron McGruder's strip "TheBoondocks" may air on Fox TV. The network ordered up a pilot of theanimated show.

McGruder and partner Reggie Hudlin will write the pilot and serve asexecutive producers for Sony Pictures TV. A seven-minute presentation clip isdue at the network by early spring. Any announcements would be made after that.The show could be ready for the 2004-05 midseason.

McGruder and Hudlin are also developing "Boondocks" as an animatedfeature.



Plans for a third installment of the popular "Asterix" feature filmfranchise have been scuttled, according to today's TheHollywood Reporter. Producer Claude Berri is reportedly giving up on thesequel to what were two of the biggest box office winners in France. 

Last June wereported that "Asterix" creators Albert Uderzo, Anne Goscinny andpublisher Editions Albert Rene had publicly stated that they are not interestedin doing more live-action movies and seemed to be holding out for a better deal.

All the principals were ready to return for the third installment.



ScreenDaily reports that another French comic is now in development as a featurefilm. Alain Berberian will direct "Enquete Corse" based on the comicsby Rene Petillon.

Christian Clavier and Jean Reno, both of whom starred in the French "LesVisiteurs" and the Hollywood remake "Just Visiting," will top line"Enquete Corse."

Filming is due to begin in Corsica on September 24. Alain Goldman and hisLegende Entreprises are producing. Gaumont will distribute the film.



Varietyreports that Scott Neeson has transitioned from president of 20th Century Fox'sinternational theatrical division to Sony's senior executive vice president formarketing at Columbia TriStar Film Distributors Intl.

Neeson's first order of business will be to generate overseas marketngstrategies for "Spider-Man 2", "Hellboy," "Bad Boys2" and "Peter Pan."



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