Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Redeems One of Her Major Villains

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, now available on Digital HD and Blu-Ray.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines retells the origin of Diana of Themyscira (Rosario Dawson) and how she left Paradise Island to enter the DC Animated Movie Universe. In addition, the movie provides Wonder Woman with a solo adventure outside of her Justice League duties, with several rogues attacking her as part of the mysterious Villainy Inc.

When Dr. Poison and Dr. Cyber figure out the location of Paradise Island, Villainy Inc. goes on to unleash their secret weapon, the age-old Amazonian enemy, Medusa. This leads to a bloody finale with one of Diana's rogues actually being redeemed in a major way as the princess tries to reconcile with the world she literally left behind.

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Villainy Inc. has been repurposing tech from Veronica Cale's company to create a super-serum to take villains to the next level. Giganta and Cheetah are some examples of upgraded enemies, and after Villainy Inc. release Medusa from her prison to attack Themyscira, they also offer her the serum as well. Poison and Cyber want to ensure she's powered up to destroy Diana's people, so they could raid and steal the Amazons' highly-advanced tech for themselves.

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However, Medusa has other plans, since she believes she's a god that shouldn't be anyone's puppet. Medusa punches through Cyber and destroys the android before turning her gaze on Poison. She tries to bargain but Medusa turns her to stone and drops her to the ground in pieces. However, Medusa's hatred for Queen Hippolyta still drives her to take the serum and becoming a giant-size Titan.


In a brutal battle, Diana tries to fend off Medusa as Hippolyta's bodyguards try to protect the queen. She cuts off a couple of Medusa's snakes off her head, but their venom proves to be quite dangerous, slowing Diana down after a few bites. However, Diana blinds herself with one of the snakes' saliva so she can't be caught by Medusa's death stare, which leads to her relying on her other sense to take on the giant villain.

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Still, Medusa's a lot to handle and Diana struggles in combat without her vision. Her mother sees this and realizes that she really is willing to die for them, forgiving her for breaking Steve Trevor out when he crash-landed and fleeing. Silver Swan, who Diana also saved from Medusa's rage, also recognizes the nobility of the warrior princess, and is inspired by her relentless nature to stand in the face of certain death.


Silver Swan, or Vanessa Kapatelis, and Diana had a sister-like bond in this film as Julia Kapatelis, Silver Swan's mom, took in the princess and taught her to integrate with mankind. However, Vanessa got jealous of the hero, and in a ruse set up by Villainy Inc., who killed Julia to gather intel on Diana, which led Vanessa to blame the warrior for her mother's death. She joined Cyber and was upgraded with a techno-organic virus to become this steel-winged villain with a super-sonic scream.

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Seeing Diana fighting for everyone, hero and villain alike, against Medusa reminded Swan of how Diana always loved her as a sibling and finally she lets her selfish nature go. Swan saves Diana and they team-up to battle Medusa, culminating in a move similar to the "fastball special" that the X-Men's Colossus and Wolverine have perfected. Swan hurls Diana through the air at super-speed, and the princess ends the brawl by cutting Medusa's head off, breaking the spell on everyone including Steve.


With Themyscira safe, Diana, Steve and Swan are all healed by the purple ray. Diana and Steve embark on a relationship officially, while Hippolyta apologizes to her daughter for deeming her a traitor, officially accepting her as Wonder Woman and the Champion of Themyscira. It's also the first time Diana believes the mantle truly applies to her, since what she ultimately craved was her mom's blessing.

The bonus for Diana comes when we see a healed Vanessa, at peace mentally and in pristine condition physically, in the garb of the Amazons. As a skilled warrior and someone who fought for the island, Vanessa becomes the first outsider to officially be inducted as an Amazon, which reminds Diana her people and humanity can indeed coexist.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines stars Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Jeffrey Donovan as Steve Trevor, Adrienne Moore as Etta Candy, Nia Vardalos as Julia Kapatelis and Cree Summer as Hippolyta, as well as Marie Avgeropoulos as Silver Swan. Available now on Digital HD, the film will be released Oct. 22 on Blu-ray and 4k Ultra HD.

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