Every DC Villain in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines' First Trailer

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is the next feature-length DC Universe Original Movie, and the iconic hero's first solo animated film since 2009. Capitalizing on the character's renewed popularity following her 2017 live-action film, Bloodlines brings together some of Wonder Woman's greatest foes.

Referred to as Villainy, Inc., this collection of rogues dates back to Wonder Woman's earliest days, having debuted in 1948, in the final story written by creator William Moulton Marston.

Let's take a look at which foes comprise this version of Villainy, Inc., introduced in the newly released trailer for Wonder Woman: Bloodlines trailer, and their histories with the Amazing Amazon.


Debuting in 1944 in Wonder Woman #9, Giganta is one of Diana's oldest, and biggest, villains. She is typically portrayed as a woman named Doris Zuel, who has the power to increase her size to titanic proportions, with her strength growing along with it.

Giganta originally lacked that ability, and instead possessed only super-strength. She would get her biggest claim to fame, however, on the Challenge of the Super Friends animated series, where she could transform into a giant. That was later adopted by the comics.


Cheetah has been a Wonder Woman foe since the Golden Age, but her modern (and most popular) incarnation of Barbara Minerva was introduced in 1987, in Wonder Woman #7. An archaeologist, Minerva discovered the temple of the African nature god Urzkartaga. Upon performing an ancient ritual, she was transformed in Urzkartaga's avatar, the animalistic Cheetah. Not only does she possess tremendous speed, similar to her namesake, but she also has razor-sharp claws, keen animal senses, and superhuman strength that allows her to even wrestle with Diana for the Lasso of Truth.

Although the Cheetah in Bloodlines is Barbara Minerva, her bulkier, almost lion-like design is reminiscent of Sebastian Ballestros, the sole male version of the villain.

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Silver Swan

The original Silver Swan was a rather late addition to Wonder Woman's Bronze Age comics, while the second was eventually reformed. The most threatening, and tragic version, was Vanessa Kapatelis. Vanessa and her mother Julia (both of whom are in Bloodlines) were major cast members in the George Perez era of Wonder Woman, intended by the writer/artist to be as much staples as Steve Trevor and Etta Candy. However, they were eventually written out of the series, and essentially replaced by Helena and Cassandra Sandsmark. The lonely and seemingly abandoned Vanessa, who already suffered from extreme insecurity, came to resent Diana. That was made worse by Diana choosing Cassandra, instead of Vanessa, to become the new Wonder Girl. Thus, helpless and psychologically susceptible, Sebastian Ballestros and the witch Circe transformed Vanessa into the new Silver Swan. Vanessa is also the Silver Swan in DC Rebirth, in which she possesses a truncated version of her post-Crisis on Infinite Earths story.

All of the versions of the character can fly and emit a sonic scream (called a  swan song), similar to Black Canary's Canary Cry. On top of that, Vanessa could also control birds, as well as face Diana with her augmented strength and razor-sharp cybernetic wings. Bloodlines is using what seems to be a combination of the post-Crisis and Rebirth versions of the character. While Vanessa has appeared as Silver Swan in minor roles in video games such as Scribblenauts, this will be the character's first major role outside of comics.

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Doctor Poison

Doctor Poison first appeared in Sensation Comics #2, making her Wonder Woman's oldest villain outside of the god Ares. Her trademark appearance is a dark green or black lab coat, and her powdery, grinning face. As her name suggests, she is a master in the field of toxins and chemicals, using it to aid her home country of Japan in World War II. That made her a big threat in the Golden Age, but as Wonder Woman grew increasingly more powerful, Doctor Poison's threat lessened. She wouldn't see much action in the comics for a while, before being brought back in the post-Crisis era as the granddaughter of the original. She later created the Wonder Woman villain Genocide from soil derived from the locations of genocides throughout history. DC's New 52 relaunch briefly introduced a Russian toxicologist version of the character, which was almost immediately retconned by DC Rebirth. Here, she is more in line with her usual portrayal and appearance, along with also being a soldier.

The character's nationality has bounced from Asian to European, but her name is a always Dr. Maru. Bloodlines will also be the character's second major appearance, after her push into the mainstream as a secondary villain in the 2017 Wonder Woman film.

Doctor Cyber

Another Wonder Woman foe with a doctorate, Dr. Cylvia Cyber is essentially a female Doctor Doom. The leader of a mysterious criminal organization, she came to hate Wonder Woman after a battle with the Amazing Amazon left Cyber disfigured. She later donned a suit of mechanical armor, and with it was able to face Wonder Woman in near-equal combat. She was only be featured briefly in the post-Crisis era, before being completely reimagined in Rebirth continuity. Now, she is Adrianna Anderson, co-founder of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals, with Veronica Cale. Testing an experimental Cyberwalker suit, in which she became trapped during a malfunction, which led to her death. The suit mapped out Anderson's neural map, however, and Cale used that to create an artificial intelligence version of her friend.

From the design shown in the trailer, the version of the character in Bloodlines seems to be based more on the pre-Crisis Doctor Cyber. It remains to be seen whether the person under the mask is Cylvia Cyber or Adrianna Anderson.

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Other Wonder Woman Villains

Although she's not seen in the trailer, the aforementioned Veronica Cale is also set to appear in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. Given the film's already-loaded cast, it may simply be set up for future appearances. She may also retain her Rebirth connection to Doctor Cyber.

He isn't seen or mentioned in the trailer, or cast for the film, but most versions of Wonder Woman's origin since the Perez reboot have featured Ares in some way. The film may at least reference this character through the Amazons.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines stars Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Jeffrey Donovan as Steve Trevor, Adrienne Moore as Etta Candy, Nia Vardalos as Julia Kapatelis and Cree Summer as Hippolyta, as well as Marie Avgeropoulos as Silver Swan, Kimberly Brooks as Cheetah/Giganta, Michael Dorn as Ferdinand, Ray Chase as Lead Bandit, Mozhan Marno as Dr. Cyber, Courtenay Taylor as Dr. poison and Constance Zimmer as Veronica Cale. The film is slated for a 2019 release.

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