Wonder Woman '77 Meets Bionic Woman: All the Easter Eggs from #1-2!

This is Comic Book Easter Eggs, where I spotlight notable "Easter Eggs" (basically hidden references) within comic books or other media (so long as it is connected to comic books somehow).

With issue #6 of Wonder Woman '77 Meets the Bionic Woman getting released this Wednesday, we asked the writer of the comic, best-selling author Andy Mangels, for some of the secrets and easter eggs for the series so far. There are so many of these bad boys that we're going to spread it out over three days leading up to the release of the final issue on Wednesday! So #1-2 today, #3-4 tomorrow and then #5 on Wednesday.

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead... but they'll allow an appreciation for the immense research and knowledge that went into crafting this series that is selling out across the country and getting great reviews from critics and the fans!

As an aside just from myself, I wanted to give a brief shout-out to just how good this series has been. These types of team-ups are always fun, but rarely do you see series that maintain such a high-level of detail and love for the characters that it really serves as a beautiful tribute to fans of EITHER character, while at the same time, there is a coherent plot and a great deal of interesting action within the series. The artwork from Judit Tondora has been teriffic, as well. The whole thing hits pretty much all of the notes that you would want from a fun superhero adventure story, and that's without getting into all of the nostalgia-based enjoyment that it brings fans. I have some friends who loved the shows but don't read comics and I bought a few copies of #1 and gave them to them and they all really enjoyed them. That's an impressive achievement from the series. Also, note that the trade paperback for the series is due out on October 11th, including a re-colored first chapter!


A quick note before you digest this list of Easter Eggs...

The WONDER WOMAN '77 MEETS THE BIONIC WOMAN story was designed so that even casual readers could enjoy it.

But, like any good franchise, whether it's Star Trek or Star Wars, Aliens or Buffy, or any number of comic books, anime, television, or film franchises, those fans who have a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the characers and their history want to know more!

So don't look at these Easter Eggs and footnotes as a necessity to enjoy the action-packed story, but instead, look at them as a way to deepen the experience and view just how the puzzle pieces all fit together. It's like a commentary track on a DVD; you can enjoy the project without it, or enjoy it even more with it.

Wonder Woman '77 Meets the Bionic Woman #1 Easter Eggs

Page One, Panel Seven: The story is set in 1977, during the third season of both shows.

Page Two, Panel One: The Cramer Building is named for Wonder Woman TV executive producer Douglas S. Cramer.

Page Two, Panel Five: Mentioned on Page One, this is the first time the TV Wonder Woman has been shown telepathically communicating with the invisible plane.

Page Three: The title of the issue is also how the characters are referred to in the script; it’s always ”Diana” and ”Jaime,” not their codenames.

Page Four, Panel Nine: The woman’s line is an homage to the same line in Superman The Movie.

Page Seven, Panel Three: Eve Welch was never given a last name on the Wonder Woman series, but she was given one in the original television script for her first episode, ”Light-Fingered Lady.” She was portrayed by S. Pearl Sharp.

Page Eight, Panel Four: Joe Atkinson appeared in the first half of the second season of Wonder Woman, as a director of the I.A.D.C. He was played by Norman Burton.

Page Eight, Panel Two: Played by Jack L. Ging, Chief Inspector Jack Hanson appeared in the three-part ”Kill Oscar” cross-over between The Bionic Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man.

Page Eight, Panel Eight: Despite being used regularly on Wonder Woman and occasionally on The Bionic Woman, due to a federal law, the Presidential Seal had to be altered for the comic!

Page Nine, Panel One: CASTRA is a new organization, created for this series.

Page Nine, Panels Two-Three: Played by Lloyd Bochner, Ivan Karp was in The Bionic Woman episode ”Biofeedback.” Bochner’s character is credited as "Kard" in the credits, but is clearly referred to as "Karp" in dialogue.

Page Ten, Panel One: ”Mission Clothes” is a reference to the Bionic Woman doll from the 1970s, which had a ”Mission Purse!”

Page Eleven, Panel One: Diana’s license plate reads ”72451,” the birthdate of actress Lynda Carter. In the printed comic, a production error meant that this was left out, but when recolored for the trade paperback, it was put in!

Page Twelve, Panels One: This helicopter is an Augusta Westland AW109.

Page Thirteen, Panel Three-Four: The electrocuted agent is Aaron Harvey, and the agent who helps Steve is Paul K. Bisson. They are two superfans who helped writer Andy Mangels on this project.

Page Twenty: The first comic appearances of I.R.A.C. the super-computer and Rover, the robotic delivery device, seen in Wonder Woman seasons 2-3. The unconscious technician made his only appearance on Wonder Woman in ”The Return of Wonder Woman.” Also, this was the first partial reveal of the mystery villainess Dr. Cyber...

Page Twenty-Two, Panels Five-Seven: The shadowy reappearance of the villainous Captain Radl, the Nazi who invaded Paradise island in the two part Wonder Woman episodes ”The Feminum Mystique.” The prisoner number 1106 is a reference to the birthdate of actor John Saxon, who portrayed Radl.

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