Wonder Woman: Ares Was Even More Menacing in Early Concept Art

With Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman still garnering universal praise, new concept art has emerged depicting the film's main villain -- the God of War, Ares.

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Concept artist Peter Mckinstry revealed the piece on his Instagram on Tuesday. The Ares depicted is slightly different from the final version of the character who battles Diana of Themyscira in the movie's finale. This early version of Ares has more armor and a different helmet that matches up with the movie tie-in toys and early promotional images.

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In the film, Diana leaves her home on Paradise Island and embarks on a journey with Steve Trevor to end mankind's lust for war, believing that she could only do so by putting a stop to Ares' influence. It remains to be seen if the God of War will return in the sequel, which officially has a release date with Geoff Johns busy working on the script.

In theaters now, Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot as Diana, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright as General Antiope, Danny Huston as General Erich Ludendorff, David Thewlis as Ares, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, Elena Anaya as Doctor Poison and Lucy Davis as Etta Candy.

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