In Wonder Woman, the Amazons Have Experienced A Massive Change

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman #44 by James Robinson and Emanuela Lupacchino, in stores now.

In Wonder Woman #42, readers finally learned of Darkseid's master plan, a culmination of events that started ever since the character died at the hands of the Anti-Monitor in 2015's Justice League: Darkseid War.

Over the past few years, the Lord of Apokolips has been reborn as an infant, raised by his own daughter, Grail, who stood by Darkseid's side as he consumed more and more energy in order to quickly grow back into his adult self. But as the reborn New God passed through puberty, his home planet Apokolips went through many upheavals. With Darkseid gone, there was a true power vacuum on the planet, with a number of evil New Gods making a play for the throne, as detailed in the Superman storyline "Imperius Lex." As he returned to his proper age, rather than go home, Darkseid remained on Earth, seeking a new army that would obey only to him.

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Now, Darkseid's plan stands fully revealed. Throughout James Robinson's "Amazons Attacked" storyline, the DC villain has been collecting ancient artifacts from across the world with the intent of using their New God technology to open a portal to Paradise Island, home of Diana Prince and the Amazons. Finally, in Wonder Woman #44, Darkseid executes his grand scheme and attacks the Amazons. And, as the title of the storyline implies, Diana's people come under attack.

Wonder Woman Darkseid opens a portal to Themyscira

Darkseid's ultimate goal is to return to his home planet, where he will attempt to reclaim his throne. However, Apokolips is a treacherous place, home to malicious and power-hungry gods who cannot be trusted. For that reason, the once-Lord of Apokolips seeks to create a new army, one that he knows will not betray him, fail him or disappoint him -- an army born from the greatest army ever known to man. Or in this case, woman.

The Amazons are arguably one of the most efficient and deadly armies to ever walk the Earth, and even Darkseid is aware of that fact. For that reason, his goal to reclaim what is rightfully his hinges on the entire mythical workforce of Wonder Woman's home island. With the portal to Themyscira now open, Darkseid dispatches his daughter Grail, who is half-Amazon, to cross over to the home she never knew -- the home she's never even set foot on.

Wonder Woman Amazons transformed into Parademons

The Amazons greet Grail with their bows drawn, but they are no match for her power. With a devastating blast of her Omega Beams, Grail lays siege to Diana Prince's long-lost brethren. Under the effect of the beams, the Amazons are instantly transformed into gruesome Parademons, a change akin to the one seen by audiences in a flashback sequence of Warner Bros.' Justice League film, where we saw Roman soldiers transform into the Apokoliptian minions on the battlefield. The monstrous, flying army of Amazonian Parademons then swarms out of the portal, ready to follow Darkseid's orders and attack whomever he directs them toward.

This is, to say the least, a massive turn of events, one that could have ramifications for the entire DC Universe.

After all, now that the Amazons have been transformed into Parademons, an impressive and frightening army has just been set loose. It's more than likely that such a force will necessitate the entire Justice League to contain. Furthermore, these Parademons may not be able to be changed back into Amazons, which could have devastating effects for Wonder Woman and her mythos going forward. And if Darkseid manages to bring his new army to Apokolips, then the former ruler might once again reclaim his throne, along with his position as one of the most terrifying forces in the multiverse.

And, of course, there's Darkseid's impending membership in the Justice League. But how that development will come out of this storyline will have to remain a mystery for just a little whole longer.

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