An Iconic Part of Wonder Woman's Costume Was Accidentally Redesigned

Wonder Woman Rebirth Liam Sharp

When DC Rebirth relaunched the DC Universe in 2016, most of DC's heroes got new costumes. As former Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharpe revealed in a new interview, he accidentally changed a big part of Wonder Woman's costume without realizing it.

On the latest episode of DC Daily: Secret Origins, current The Green Lantern artist admitted that he accidentally put an eagle on Wonder Woman’s iconic tiara instead of the traditional star in a joint interview with artist Nicola Scott, who swapped issues with Sharpe during Greg Rucka’s run of Wonder Woman in 2016.

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Although he meant to copy the design of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, he mistook that tiara's star for an eagle in a blurry photograph.

While Scott and Sharp were discussing their respective runs on Wonder Woman, Scott commented that she loved his design of the Tiara to which Sharp admitted his design was a sort of happy mistake.

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I just really misread a really low-res .jpeg from the film,  because Greg had said “What do you think of the movie design? I said ‘I love it’ and he said ‘So do I, let’s do that! ‘ so I said ‘ Great!’ so I looked online and found this full figure of Wonder Woman and zoomed right in on the tiara. It looked to me like an eagle so I drew an eagle and nobody told me not to.”

For an accident, Sharp's design had a pretty impressive run. After debuting in August 2016's Wonder Woman #1, it was used up to November 2017's Wonder Woman #30, long after he had left the title.

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