Wonder Woman, A History of Violence, Superman Returns, X-Men 3: September 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


Director Joss Whedon is talking up a storm about the project. He discussed it with MTV, where he talked about casting an unknown in lieu of a famous actress. "I completely agree with it," Whedon said. "That's not to say I would rule an actress out just because she's famous if she was right for the part. But I like the idea of an unknown because these are some tough booties to fill. It's going to be difficult to find somebody who's beautiful in that particular way, who's got the presence and the acting chops and the physicality. It's a really hard role, and people have an idea of her. I think [the script will] be done in a few months' time, and then I give it to the studio and they'll say, 'Boy, is it not done!' So, you know, it's a process. It should take some time, but I'm well into it, and I'm having the time of my life."


Whedon also talked to CHUD, where he said "They came at me with 'Wonder Woman' at the same time they came at me with 'X-Men,' and they both had advantages, but 'X-Men' was all about the schedule and 'Wonder Woman' was all about not having a schedule. Joel Silver said, 'She's waited for 60 years, she'll wait a little longer.'"


Speaking of interviews, actress Maria Bello chatted up Comingsoon.net about getting between David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen. She said, "I saw the final script, and like every one of David's movies, it was so complex and so layered, he deals with such huge themes like love, sex, death and he does it in such a specific and odd way, and this particular script I found was the most accessible, as far as a broad audience, because it was at heart a simple family drama."



Exclusive set photo of Brandon Routh in costume? All right -- DTheatre has got you covered (and even bigger too.

Also numerous readers (including a math professor, which was kind of impressive) pointed out to note that yesterday's staggering estimate of the budget on the film was calculated in Australian dollars. Which, apparently, are smaller than US dollars, and therefore you need more of them. Or something like that.


There's a spoiler-free virtual tour of the wooded sets being used for the mutant minded movie.


Getting back to the Clark Kent's life, there's a minute of new eye candy at the network's website, and Kryptonsite has a set of screen captures from a virtually unprecedented fifth trailer for next week's season premiere.



Last interview of the day, honest -- writer/producer/story editor/merengue dancer Duane Capizzi gets the third degree from The World's Finest, and talks about the new vision of Gotham City. "Ultimately, the more I revisited favorite Batman works, in both B:TAS and the comic books, the more I reminded myself that how the story is told is as important as the story itself -- after all, B:TAS did a lot of tweaking and reinventing of classic characters and stories, to make them 'make sense' for the version of the mythology they were telling. The task for any writer and artist team who comes to a classic property like Batman is to freshen it enough to keep it interesting for fans who are familiar with it, but obviously not so different that it's no longer true to its source. It's not unlike jazz: riffing on motifs and themes, recombining familiar elements in hopefully fresh ways -- while keeping the melody intact. That said, the idea which really gave form to the task at hand was the 'Year Three' concept. Unlike B:TAS, we thus had the opportunity to unfold an epic saga which charts Batman's course from vigilante, to working covertly with members of Gotham P.D., to being publicly accepted as Gotham's hero and responding to the Bat-Signal, to gaining new alliances and beyond. So, we could 're-tell' Batman's history in a sequential order, more or less paralleling the years of Batman mythology -- and hopefully find interesting ways to introduce a new audience to classic scenarios. "


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