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Wonder Woman #41

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Wonder Woman #41

Simone’s continuing dedication to build up the world around Wonder Woman brings a visit from one of the amazing Amazon’s warrior sisters. The fight with Power Girl is well done, with the two heroines so evenly matched, and finally able to break out a little bit against an enemy that can take it. The Crows – spawns of Ares – have whipped Washington D.C. into a lather by igniting sparks of dissent across the city. Every human is prone the whims of these children of Ares, and the results are disastrous, all the way to Power Girl mixing it up with Wonder Woman. During their scuffle, Power Girl punches Wonder Woman all the way to Canada, which, of course can only happen in comics.

The art side of this issue is a little less solid, with Chris Batista taking the first half of this issue, which begins with Achilles’ quest to continue his mission to end war. In doing so, Batista gets to draw Achilles’ Mysia – a beast of epic proportions epically rendered. Batista is the perfect transition artist for the departing Aaron Lopresti, as a great deal of the sensibilities in figure drawing and page composition are similar without Batista aping Lopresti at the expense of his own style. The second half of the story is drawn by Fernando Dagnino (what is with DC and the half-issue art teams this month?) which makes for an odd transition as the two styles don’t necessarily flow one to the next. Dagnino does a great job with his part of the story, but the jag between the two halves of this book makes for a quirky adjustment. His treatment of the characters is a bit different though, as the Crows go from having red glowing eyes to “normal” human eyes, and the outfits of the two heroines are slightly modified from what Batista put forth. Dagnino plays up a little more cheesecake, and modifies the costumes a bit, but the strength of the story carries the issue through the shared art chores.

Simone offers little snippets towards future stories, between Achilles’ new home, his reunion with Patroclus (at least in his mind) and the continued existence of the Crows (disciplined as any bratty child should be). Through it all, Simone continues to deliver a solid read that is deeply connected to the DC Universe for those who pick up this title, and I am curious as to where she is going to take “Wonder Woman” next. With her frequent collaborator Nicola Scott climbing into the artist’s chair for the next storyline, I’m sure there will be tales of wonder in the stories ahead.