Wonder Woman #30

Story by
Art by
Matt Ryan, Aaron Lopresti
Colors by
Brad Anderson
Letters by
Travis Lanham
Cover by
DC Comics

This book is turning into a must read for me. Not since the days that George Perez was drawing this title have I been able to say "Wonder Woman" is a must-read. Sure, Rucka's stuff was a good "should-read," but this book is now a "must" with the budget relief I received from "Blue Beetle" being cancelled.

Gail Simone has thrown down the gauntlet on Wonder Woman. This is the equivalent of Wonder Woman's "Hush." Hounded by the Cheetah, Wonder Woman has seen allies and friends suffer and die in this arc. Her resolve to never claim a life in battle-fueled rage is crumbling under the pressure initiated by Genocide. Tempted to treat Cheetah as she did Maxwell Lord, Diana instead chooses other tactics, breaking Cheetah down through torturous threats.

The adventure and excitement doesn't stop there though as this issue also features the true rise of the Olympian Achilles, declared by Zeus to be king of the Olympians. Simone and Lopresti throw the sink at us, too, with Hippolyta's reunion with the Amazons, and villainous appearances by Faust, Morrow, Phobia, and Shrapnel.

Lopresti is a modern master. His artwork is clean and distinct, detailed and extravagant. The collapse of the Society's tower into the Gotham River is inspired and impressive. The choice to use Diana's golden lasso as panel framing throughout Genocide's interrogation of Etta Candy Trevor is nothing short of brilliant. Ably assisted by Ryan's inks, the cleanness of line is a sight to behold and easily worth the price of admission. Add in Brad Anderson's stunning range of color usage and this book is a visual treat, even though the content depicts an absolute war zone.

As already mentioned, this book has become a must read for me, as the ante continues to be upped on poor Diana. She's muddling through this with a warrior's spirit, completely unaware of the additional trials awaiting her under the creative auspices of Gail Simone and crew. While this was the fifth segment in this current story arc, this issue is an approachable gateway into Diana's adventures, provided you have a passing knowledge of her world. Jump in now, because the adventure isn't going to wait for you.

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