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Wonder Woman #28

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Wonder Woman #28

Gail Simone was lauded and praised when it was made known that she would assume the writing reins of “Wonder Woman” with the fourteenth issue of the current series. Fourteen issues later, she’s still there and hip-deep in the “Rise of the Olympian” arc.

It’s an odd place to jump in and post a review, but what are reviews other than a snapshot of a story? Enough philosophy, let’s get into this issue and its wonders (sorry, had to be done).

Simone writes a deft Diana. She’s smart, eloquent, and emotional. I would think it would be an intimidating task to write a title with one of DC’s trinity in the first person, but Simone does just that here, with resonance. This is the final throwdown between Diana and the being known as Genocide, and Diana has rallied her troops — Wonder Girls past and present, gorilla knights and Nemesis. The battle is joined while another plot hatches in the pages between, courtesy of this issues “Faces of Evil:” covergirl, the Cheetah. The threatening promise of the Olympians lurks beneath the surface of this issue, threatening Diana’s world from yet another direction.

Lopresti takes the baton from Simone and renders big screen drama, detailed in the wreckage and emotions, the weapons and the warriors. All of the images are not masterpieces, but in concert, all of the images prove to tell this tale in its entirety. Take away the words and Lopresti’s art could still relate this adventure to the reader.

Surprisingly, I had no issues assimilating myself into this issue, as the characters and threats (for the most part) are the recognizably the same as they were 14 issues ago, and even longer before then. Sure, Genocide is new, but she carries a feel of Deimos and Phobos, from Perez’s run. This story is big screen adventure, set within the greater canvas of the DC Universe. Simone grabs pieces of the DCU she needs them, a little JLA here, a few gorillas there.

While this issue had a lot going on, but was approachable and digestible, I have to wonder (yup, did it again) what transpired in the first two installments of “Rise of the Olympian”. Did I miss anything? Honestly, I’m not sure I did, but I’ll be looking forward to the next installment. This was a fun read- it had the stuff comics should: adventure, big threats, lots of cameos, and a spiraling sense of greater troubles to come.