Lynda Carter Has Spoken With Patty Jenkins About Wonder Woman 2 Role

Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter, who played the title character in 1975's Wonder Woman TV series, has spoken to director Patty Jenkins about appearing in the upcoming Wonder Woman 2. During an appearance on Megyn Kelly Today, Carter revealed that she and Jenkins have discussed her involvement in the sequel film.

"I've been talking to [Jenkins] about it. She's given me some hints about it, and I guess it's up to Warner Bros. if they want to spend the money," Carter said, adding, "You can write letters and tell them!" It sounds like Carter knows what she's worth, which certainly falls in line with her and Kelly's discussion about equal pay in the industry and the MeToo initiative.

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Carter wanted to appear in the first film, but couldn't fit the movie into her schedule. Fans have speculated that Jenkins intended for Carter to be an Amazon. Jenkins has also said that she "won't stop trying" to get Carter involved in the next film. Considering Jenkins has also said Wonder Woman 2 will be a "totally different film," there may be plenty of new ways to incorporate Carter.

Wonder Woman 2 will be directed by Patty Jenkins, who is set to co-write the film alongside DC Entertainment President & Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Expendables scribe Dave Callaham. The film is set to hit theaters on Nov. 1, 2019.

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