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Wonder Woman: 15 Reasons We Are Hyped

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Wonder Woman: 15 Reasons We Are Hyped

“Wonder Woman” is just under two months away. Set to open on June 2nd, 2017, the film is highly anticipated by fans around the globe. However, a new monetary forecast from BoxOfficePro suggests that the film is projected to earn $83 million on its opening weekend and $225 million in its entire box office run. Though these numbers are certainly admirable, they would make “Wonder Woman” the lowest grossing film of the DC Extended Universe thus far.

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Though these predictions are not always 100% accurate, they are still worth noting (and fretting over). “Wonder Woman” deserves a far better turnout than this and it has countless factors working in its favor. Of course, perhaps the numbers are so low because casual moviegoers don’t see this as more than just “another, normal, bland ol’ superhero movie.” That, of course, is preposterous! We invite comic book fans who need reminding and causal movie fans alike to read on and discover 15 reasons to get hyped for “Wonder Woman!”


wonder woman gal gadot diana prince hippolyta

From all the trailers for “Wonder Woman” thus far, the visuals have been nothing short of astounding. Cinematographer Matthew Jenson should be credited for these amazing shots of mountainous landscapes and gritty cities. The use of color contrast, just in the trailers, proves that this is a DC film with a very interesting and new flavor, visually speaking. As opposed to being the grey and murky “Batman v. Superman” or the white and blue “Man of Steel,” “Wonder Woman” will mix together a red and yellow costume, baby blue oceans, green pastures, as well as the greyness of industrialized city centers.

Jenson’s previous work has certainly prepared him for this new visual style. Having worked on “Game of Thrones,” he is no stranger to bigger budget set pieces. Tying together the grimy photography of “Chronicle” with his more absurdist and colorful “Filth,” Jenson’s filmography clearly establishes Wonder Woman as a visually unique entry in the DCEU.



Speaking of visual appeal, the action sequences in “Wonder Woman” are expected to be extraordinary. The trailers for the film have already shown Diana learning to use her powers in bold and ambitious ways. Whether it be on Themyscira or in the midst of European battlefield, Diana will surely show her strength in an impressive way. Despite the mixed reception of “Batman v. Superman,” fans worldwide seem to agree that Diana Prince’s addition to the final act of the film was visually stunning and certainly entertaining.

The team bringing these action sequences to life are also beyond capable of such a feat. Visual Effects Supervisor Bill Westenhofer previously worked on “Life of Pi” and Editor Martin Walsh was involved with “V for Vendetta” and “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” This all-star combination will surely bring gorgeous spectacles to the big screen and present them to us in an utterly compelling, jaw-dropping way.


Wonder Woman kicking Superman

“Man of Steel” is unsurprisingly the least divisive of the DC films to date. Though it still clocks in at a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie was the most self-contained and small-scaled of DC’s shared universe. Though the world is at stake, the action is not the only thing that matters. The film also does not waste time devoted to “brand-building” or “franchise setup” (a la “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”). It is a singular story about a man finding his place in the world and deciding who he wants to be.

Similarly, “Wonder Woman” will be another standalone DC film that is only focused on one character. Rather than boast over-the-top crossover foreshadowing from the beginning to end, the film appears to be more focused solely on the character of Diana Prince. Character development is often what turns bad blockbusters into impressive films. “Man of Steel” did this by paying attention to its main character. By following in the footsteps of “Man of Steel,” “Wonder Woman” can similarly be a story about a character, her emotions and what she stands for. This attention and focus would truly make the picture stand the test of time.



Despite the assumed self-contained nature of “Wonder Woman,” the film IS still part of the DCEU. This means that we should be ready to have our eyes peeled to spot oodles of cameos and hints as to where the universe will go next. With “Justice League” being released mere months after “Wonder Woman,” it is very likely that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne could appear at the end of the film (or in a mid-credits scene, as he did in “Suicide Squad”) to foreshadow the epic team-up.

It has already been reported that a Wayne Enterprises truck was spotted near the Louvre with Gadot when filming. The World War I era could also make references to Enemy Ace, a DC antihero of the time. Countless easter eggs will surely be featured in the film and are one of the small yet intriguing pieces of why you should be one of the first to see “Wonder Woman.”


wonder woman film

Who? Allan Heinberg is one the co-writers of “Wonder Woman,” hitting theaters this June. Though writers aren’t often given as much credit as directors or stars, Heinberg is absolutely one of the reasons to be hyped for this film. The guy began as a comics writer for Marvel, doing a few issues of “Young Avengers.” However, his career really skyrocketed when writing a five-issue arc of “JLA” with Geoff Johns.

As his career continued to escalate, Heinberg wrote several editions of Wonder Woman that set up the character as we know her today. In addition to Heinberg’s comic career, he has also written various episodes of “Gilmore Girls” and “Sex and the City.” His knowledge of female characters is important and led him to pitch a Wonder Woman TV series several years ago. Though the series did not come to fruition, he did get to co-wrote this year’s “Wonder Woman.” Heinberg’s extensive knowledge of the character and long work in entertainment proves that he is beyond capable of writing the “Wonder Woman” movie that we are expecting to be phenomenal.


This is the guy you know! If you don’t recognize the name Geoff Johns, he’s currently the President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics. Johns has worked on an innumerable amount of comic book properties for DC over the years. From turning out acclaimed runs on such properties as “Justice League,” “Superman” and, along with a select crew of talented artists, reinventing the “Green Lantern” franchise, Johns has been at the forefront of DC properties even before making the move to CCO.

Being the DC guru and uber-talented writer that he is, Johns also co-wrote “Wonder Woman” with Allan Heinberg. He was reportedly working on a draft of “The Batman” with Ben Affleck, as well. He also co-produced “Batman v. Superman” and “Justice League.” DC’s new cinematic universe seems to be in good hands, thanks to the creative talent of Johns. His long work for DC and his renewed dedication, in DC’s Rebirth, to marrying back in the traditional draw of classic characters, have led to a great reputation with fans. If that can translate to the films, as we expect it will in “Wonder Woman,” then the future looks bright for the DCEU.



Chris Pine is coming off a hot year. His little film “Hell or High Water” was nominated for four Academy Awards (including Best Picture) and Pine received a lot of recognition for his understated role. Pine’s big film “Star Trek Beyond” made over $340 million at the worldwide box office at the end of its run. Pine has been with the new “Star Trek” film franchise for eight years, while also managing other award-worthy projects like “Into the Woods” and “The Finest Hours.”

Chris Pine is more than just an underrated leading man at this point; he’s a full out movie star. There were rumors swirling around that Pine could either play Steve Trevor or Hal Jordan (for “Green Lantern Corps”) in the DCEU and he could choose which he preferred. Those rumors were never confirmed by Pine, but it shows that he is versatile and can handle any challenge. Pine’s role as Steve Trevor, love interest of Diana Prince, will hopefully continue to show his ability to help shoulder blockbusters and the devotion he exudes in each new project.


wonder woman

Remember the hits that were “Wrath of the Titans” and “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”? Of course not, no one does. Greek mythology is often a difficult sandbox for films to play in. Beyond a few exceptions, there are few worthy of note. “Wonder Woman,” however, could turn that around.

The titular heroine dawns from a fictional paradise (Themyscira) of Amazonian women. The island’s name is a play on Themiscyra, which was the legendary home of the Amazons in ancient Greece. In addition to locale, the villain of the film is Ares, the Greek god of war and Diana’s mother is Queen Hippolyta, another legendary Greek figure. If one of her many origins holds true in the film, then her father is also Zeus, king of the gods. These parallels with Greek mythology certainly bring a fascinating angle to the character of Diana Prince and will hopefully make “Wonder Woman” the film to turn around the stink pile of recent Greek mythology films.



Believe it or not, “Wonder Woman” was originally set to be helmed by “Game of Thrones,” “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead” favorite, Michelle MacLaren. This is particularly of note because now many fans are hotly anticipating the film solely based on its new director, Patty Jenkins. Jenkins’ previous work on the film “Monster” proves that she knows how to make films. “Monster” was, according to Roger Ebert, “the third best film of the decade.” It was critically acclaimed and received several awards nominations.

Jenkins has also worked on smaller budgets, and has proven equally adept at developing characters in television shows like “Arrested Development” and “The Killing.” After leaving the director’s chair of “Thor: The Dark World” for creative differences, it is reassuring to see Jenkins fulfilling a vision of her own with “Wonder Woman.” Patty Jenkins is also the first female director to helm a superhero movie with a female lead, which offers a very much needed and exciting parity to the project.



Disqualifying “Deadpool” and “Doctor Strange” for their inherently offbeat natures, it’s been a while since moviegoers have been treated to a genuinely interesting and unique take on the origin story. “Man of Steel” could perhaps be the last attempt at one in 2013. Looking back to Phase 1 of Marvel, each story felt formulaic at best. Each story was about diving into the character and reminding comics fans why that hero was so beloved.

In addition to celebrating the character on screen, origin stories are also important in the greater scheme of superhero movies. Many complain nowadays that each new comic book movie is a cash grab and only meant to throw a bunch of heroes and celebrities on screen together for a profit. Though we personally disagree with this, “Wonder Woman” is the prime example of why these haters should stop in their tracks. From what we’ve seen, this feels like a fresh take on the origin story, not least because it is at once a character-driven film, but also clearly a period piece. Thus, not only is it an origin story for Diana, but also one for the DC Extended Universe as a whole!



Continuing the theme of origin stories, “Wonder Woman” follows in the footsteps of “Captain America: The First Avengers” and dives back in time. Though Diana Prince’s historical origins are often explored in World War II, the creative team behind the film decided to explore the 1910s and World War I. This is quite an interesting choice, and one that we think should pay off in practice. The “Captain America” comparisons would be a bit too abundant if DC also attempted a blockbuster in the ‘40s. Plus, WWI is not often depicted in cinema, so “Wonder Woman” could serve to respect a generation that is unjustly underrepresented in modern film.

Though “Wonder Woman” will likely feel classic in origin, the period elements could very well give fans a bit more to chew on, in that it isn’t too formulaic and, at least visually so far, still has a bit of an edge in its storytelling. The time period will give Diana Prince some isolation from other DC heroes and will truly highlight the Wonder Woman character in a unique way.



Not only does Gal Gadot have an immediately arresting presence on-screen, but she has already proven more than capable of handling the Wonder Woman character. Many fans may not know that Gadot was in the Israeli Army in her 20s. Gadot approached her time in the service with determination, reportedly excelling in boot camps and any given challenge.

Despite several modeling wins (and being a contestant in the Miss Universe pageant), it was by mere luck that Gadot auditioned to be in the fourth “Fast and the Furious” film. However, Gal Gadot’s military history gave her the strength to perform her own stunts in her films. Gadot’s ferocity and effort translated on screen in “Batman v. Superman,” where she stood tall as the perfect combination of mysterious, powerful and badass — all hallmarks of the Wonder Woman character. Seeing those traits continue from “BvS’ into the “Wonder Woman” standalone is certainly something worth getting excited about!


Wonder Woman's movie logo

Glum, depressing, grey and hopeless are all phrases that fans have used to describe the DC Extended Universe thus far. It’s no secret that “Batman v. Superman” was a lackluster and bleak road down which to travel. “Man of Steel” was similarly dreary, which perhaps detracted from both its visuals and narrative zeal. “Suicide Squad” did attempt to incorporate some humor, but the choppy editing and bizarre music video-esque quality of the film seemingly distracted many fans from noticing its bright points.

Seemingly distancing itself from these missteps, “Wonder Woman” looks to be a more bright and positive entry in the DCEU. Now, we fully appreciate that World War I will be a rather dismal backdrop, but if the trailer is any indication, Diana’s fish-out-of-water experiences will definitely provide many laughs. Plus, Chris Pine’s signature comedic wit and timing will undoubtedly shine in his performance. If anything, DC seems to have listened to the fans, many of whom crave lightheartedness, which it seems as if “Wonder Woman” will begin to display.



It’s no secret that the DC Extended Universe has had some missteps. Whether it be the mixed reception to “Man of Steel” or the astoundingly awful critical reception of “Batman v. Superman” and “Suicide Squad” (holding a 27% and a 25% approval rating, respectively), something for DC just hasn’t stuck yet. Directors are leaving projects and new writers are being hired, so why should being part of the critically floundering (though financially booming) DCEU be a positive for “Wonder Woman?”

Simply put, this film, more than any other, has the potential to turn around the bad stigma at DC. Rather than focusing on bombastically overdone visual effects, “Wonder Woman” can be action-packed AND tell a compelling story with a dynamic character. After realizing that studio interference was not helpful, the DC executives hopefully butted out of the editing room and let the creative team on “Wonder Woman” do what it pleased. This film will hopefully lay a foundation for future stories on varying scales, rather than solely action-packed blockbusters that are nothing more than visually consumable.


Six movie Justice Leaguers

Excepting “Catwoman” (*shiver*), “Wonder Woman” will mark the first standalone comic book movie for a female hero. Though fans have been begging for a Black Widow movie for years, “Wonder Woman” beat her (and “Captain Marvel,” coming in 2019) to the punch. With Patty Jenkins at the helm, “Wonder Woman” will be an important step forward in the comic book genre. If successful, we will undoubtedly get more female leads in comic book films. Joss Whedon is already in development with Batgirl, but there is no way that film could have even become an idea without the production of “Wonder Woman.”

It is important to remember that films make history all the time. “Wonder Woman” being the first major superhero movie with a female lead in the new era of comic book films is a major step for the film industry and it is absolutely the most important reason to get pumped for its release on June 2nd.

What are you most excited about in “Wonder Woman?” Let us know in the comments!

wonder woman
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