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Wonder Woman #14 Review

by  in Comic News Comment
Wonder Woman #14 Review

Interestingly enough, a full FOURTEEN issues into the current Wonder Woman relaunch, the title finally gets a reasonable start to the series (this is not even meant as a shot at Heinberg or Picoult, they just were not given the opportunity to truly launch the title, as their runs were limited ones) with Gail Simone joining the book as the regular title. Simone’s first issue is a good one.

Like most good first issues, Simone mixes in some good foreshadowing along with the main story, and Simone appears to also take a page out of Miller and Moore’s book by hinting that there might be a substantial retcon coming re: Diana’s origin.

However, that’s just the prologue – the main part of the comic is a strong superhero story tinged with some espionage and a hearty bit of humor.

The humor is definitely the highlight of the issue, with Diana first fighting super-gorillas (everyone should fight super-gorillas at least once a year!), and then befriending the same super-gorillas, who come with their own amusing insights into yoo-man nature and the delicious frozen delicacies the humans keep in their fridges.

Etta Candy makes a return/debut (who knows with Infinite Crisis – the intimation is that it is a debut), and she seems interesting, although the body type is a bit on the svelte side – but I guess she is as fat as comic books can reasonably make someone nowadays without angering the Ed Benes of the world (“Wait – there’s more than one body type?!!? WHAT?!!?”)

Diana’s new man-made invisible stealth helicopter is cool.

The Dodsons were in good form in this issue, particularly in their handling of the gorillas and the body language of Diana and Tom.

Finally, the character interactions between Diana, Tom and Sarge Steel (plus Etta Candy and the gorillas) were all top rate.

Put it together with a nice cliffhanger that ties back to the prologue in a way that promises interesting future stories, and I’d say that Wonder Woman #14 was a success.


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