Bruce Wayne's Embarrassing High School Nickname, Revealed

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Wonder Twins #1 by Mark Russell, Stephen Byrne, Dave Sharpe and Dustin Nguyen, on sale now.

Batman is one of the coolest comics characters out there. He's a genius billionaire ninja who fights crime. However, he wasn't always that way. Wonder Twins #1 reveals Bruce's high school nickname, and it's pretty embarrassing.

Wonder Twins follows the titular siblings Zan and Jayna as they attend Morris High School on Earth following their emigration from the planet Exxor. Zan does a presentation on Exxor for the school's Heritage Day, describing the more utopian aspects of the world. Although Exxorians "have conquered every social problem imaginable," thunderstorms send them into an orgiastic state known as "thunder lust." According to Zan, "many body fluids are involved," a notion that horrifies his classmates and causes his teacher to cut him off.

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Zan then concocts a plan to become the most popular guy in school, which involves earning a varsity letter and getting a cool pet. Central to his plan is receiving a nickname. Zan does succeed at getting a nickname, but it's certainly not the one he wanted. The next day at school, Zan's running outside for gym class when a thunderstorm appears. He's struck with thunder lust, causing him to make a scene as the other students attempt to go indoors. The other students dub him "Thunderlust."

In an attempt to comfort Zan about the embarrassing nickname, Batman relates a story of his time in high school. A young Bruce Wayne had a crush on a girl named Becky Muldoon and wrote her a love song. However, he left the song on his desk. Thinking it was his poetry assignment, his teacher read it out to his entire class. The song was "to be sung to the tune of 'How Deep Is Your Love' by the Bee Gees." Although the song was apparently quite good, Bruce Wayne earned the nickname "Bee Gee" for the rest of the school year.

Superman also shares an embarrassing moment from his youth, when he thought of himself as "Mr. Smooth, King of the Smooth Operators." However, his reign was cut short when he leaned against the door to the men's bathroom and fell through it in front of two girls.

Seeing as Wonder Comics -- from which Wonder Twins #1 originates -- is in-continuity, "Bee Gee" is now canonically a nickname of young Bruce Wayne. Of course, it's unlikely to get referenced outside of the pages of Wonder Twins, so there's a good chance this name will fade into the background and be forgotten. Still, before he was the Dark Knight, he was Bee Gee.

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Wonder Twins #2 by Mark Russell, Stephen Byrne and Dustin Nguyen goes on sale Mar. 13.

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