Wonder Twins Activate on First Issue Cover

DC is set to launch its new teenage-oriented imprint Wonder Comics in 2019. Fittingly, one of the books featured as a part of the imprint will star Saturday morning superhero fan-favorites the Wonder Twins. During his New York Comic Con spotlight panel, Wonder Comics curator Brian Michael Bendis revealed the cover art for Wonder Twins #1, which is set to be released in February 2019.

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Illustrated by Stephen Byrne, the cover features the titular characters, extraterrestrials Zan and Jayna, in-costume at school as they partake in their now-iconic, power-activating fist bump. The duo's trusty monkey sidekick Gleek also appears to be hanging out in one of the lockers behind them.

Wonder Twins #1 Cover by Stephen Byrne

With their contact-activated shapeshifting abilities, the Wonder Twins first debuted in the classic '70s Hanna-Barbera cartoon The All-New Super Friends Hour. Two decades later, the duo were added to the official post-Crisis DC continuity with a reworked origin story. However, this new Wonder Comics series will mark Zan and Jayna's first DC Comics appearance in the post-Rebirth continuity.

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Written by Mark Russell with art by Stephen Byrne, Wonder Twins #1 hits comic shops in February 2019.

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