Wonder Park: A Magical World Comes Back to Life in Animated Teaser Trailer

wonder park

Paramount Pictures has released the teaser trailer for Wonder Park, flaunting some of the bright colors and whimsical characters from the upcoming animated adventure comedy.

With a brief sketch of the basic premise of the story -- a young girl discovers a magical world of talking animals and fantastical rides in a forgotten amusement park -- the trailer dives right into the dream imagery that's clearly its major draw. After chasing a blue page into a forest, June (voiced by Brianna Denski) finds some old amusement park rides, and one of them carries her into the aptly named, if derivative, Wonderland.


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With some friendly talking animals to assist June with the restoration and operation of the magical theme park, audiences can probably count on a typical exploration of imagination, friendship, and childhood hopes and dreams. However, it's also worth noting that the film has a PG rating, so there may be some dangers lurking in the forest or on the technologically improbable roller coasters.

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Wonder Park will arrive in theaters on March 15, 2019. It's written by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec, and boasts a voice cast that includes Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner, Ken Hudson Campbell, Kenan Thompson, Mila Kunis, John Oliver, Ken Jeong, Norbert Leo Butz, Matthew Broderick and Sofia Mali.

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