Sean McKeever Shares Unused Wonder Girl Comic Pitch

On Twitter, writer Sean McKeever shared his pitch for a Wonder Girl series, which he drafted for DC Comics around 2006.  Though the series never got the green light, McKeever's pitch may show a behind-the-scenes look at what was going on at DC Comics at the time.

The proposed series would have focused on Cassie Sandsmark, who would graduate from high school following the forthcoming Amazons Attack event series released in 2007. In her solo book, Wonder Girl would have had to deal with the recent death of her boyfriend Superboy and the aftermath of her attack on Air Force One with Supergirl, all while discovering her place in the world as an adult.

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— Sean Kelley McKeever (@seankmckeever) August 2, 2017

McKeever went on to detail that the series would have included her dating a normal human in order to show the difficulties of overcoming the death of a loved one. She also would have attempted to find her own direction in life without the influence of Kara.

Eventually, she would have come face-to-face with Connor in the form of his "Titans Tomorrow" counterpart from the future. Wonder Girl would have also fought her future counterpart, who became drunk with power and killed her teammates.

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A future version of Kara Zor-El, going by the name Superwoman, would have shown up as well. Her relationship with Supergirl seems to be a big part of Wonder Girl's journey to "find herself."


— Sean Kelley McKeever (@seankmckeever) August 2, 2017

In the end, Wonder Girl would have set up shop in Midway City, enroll in college and become the new protector of Wonder Woman's former home. In order to prevent herself from becoming the evil Wonder Woman from the future, she would have distanced herself from her Teen Titans teammates as well.

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Though he did not get to write his Wonder Girl series, McKeever went on to become the writer on Teen Titans. He wrote the book from 2007 to 2009, and a large part of his run depicted Wonder Girl stepping up as the leader of the team.

While this book was never published, DC Comics did ultimately release a solo Wonder Girl title in the form of a six-issue miniseries from 2007. This series was written by J. Torres with art from Stanford Greene, Nathan Massengill and Guy Major. The book saw her come up against the Female Furies as a tie-in to Countdown to Final Crisis.

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