Women in Comics NYC Collective International: Women’s History Month Spotlights - Delia Gable

Since Kelly and I are doing our Female Creators countdown this month, I didn't have time to do spotlights on female-created comics like I normally like to do in March. Instead, though, I asked the nifty comic book writer Regine L. Sawyer to do some spotlights on fellow members of her Women In Comics NYC Collective. - BC

Delia Gable is a burgeoning Rockstar, comic book Artist. Her early beginnings as a fine art painter and illustrator catapulted her towards the medium she loved most: Comics. She has worked on a variety of books throughout the years, working as both the Penciler and Colorist on most of them.

Her resume of work covers the vast spectrum of, not only in comics, but the art field as a whole. Delia’s artwork has been featured by MTV Press, the Belmars Muay Thai Kickboxing Program, and the anti-bullying comic anthology "You Are Not Alone," from Gray Haven Comics. As an activist for Diversity and Women’s Rights, she was a participating artist for the comic book series “Branded”; ‘a crowdfunded comic created in Vancouver by a small team of artists and activists with a mission: to use comics and storytelling to spread awareness of sexual assault and violence.’

Always looking for new and diverse stories to tell, Delia has several creator-owned books that she has and currently is working on. Her first series, “A Ninja Named Stan”, was introduced at 2013’s San Diego Comic Con by Arcana Comics. “Dash”, published by Northwest Press and co-created with her long- time friend Dave Ebersole, made its debut in September 2014 and subsequent issues have been published. She is also the artist for the comic book mini-series “Eating Vampires”, published by Lockett Down Productions, written and created by Regine L. Sawyer, (aka Yours Truly.) To learn more about Delia and her projects please check out her website: www.dcgable.com.

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