Women in Comics NYC Collective International: Women’s History Month Spotlights - Alice Meichi Li

Since Kelly and I are doing our Female Creators countdown this week, I didn't have time to do spotlights on female-created comics like I normally like to do in March. Instead, though, I asked the nifty comic book writer Regine L. Sawyer to do some spotlights on fellow members of her Women In Comics NYC Collective. - BC

Alice Meichi Li is a multi-talented, Detroit-born, comic book Illustrator now living in the heart of New York City. She has won a multitude of awards across a short period of time; including the Silver Award in the Graphic Novels/Comics Category by SILA Illustration West 52 in 2014. In addition, Alice is also a two time Harvey Awards Nominee and who has showcased her artwork at many an art exhibition throughout the country.

In terms of her work, Alice has many comic book covers under her belt. Such as: “Once Upon a Time Machine by Dark Horse Comics, “Mega Man” by Archie Comics, “Elephantmen” by Image Comics, just to name a few. She has been a Penciler on various books as well: The Harvey Awards Nominated “Reading with Pictures” and “Secret Identities Volume 2- Shattered”. Alice is also a long time contributor for the “Girls Drawin’ Girls” Art Collective and website.

A consummate professional and advocate for Diversity in Comics, Alice strives for variety in sequential storytelling and supporting the independent comic book scene. So with that in mind, along with her other mainstream projects, she currently is working on the paranormal detective graphic novel series “Sherbert Lock”, co-created and written by her husband, Michael Vincent Bramly. To learn more about Alice and her projects, check out her website: www.alicemeichi.com!

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