Wonder Woman Creator’s Biopic Lands October Release Date

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Following the release of the teaser trailer, the Wonder Woman creator's biopic Professor Marston and the Wonder Women has landed a release date of October 27, 2017.

The film is set to hit theaters this October and will tell the tale of how DC Comics' most iconic heroine came to be. With the Amazonian Princess' first ever solo film proving to be both a critical and box office smash, it seems like a great time to explore the people responsible for creating the world's biggest feminist icon.

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The film focuses on psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston who created Wonder Woman in 1941 under the pen name Charles Moulton. Olive Byrne, who was a part of a polyamorous relationship with Marston and his wife, Elizabeth, served as the inspiration for the character.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women was recently acquired by Annapurna from Sony Worldwide a few weeks back. It will receive a limited release in late October. The film stars Luke Evans (Beauty and the Beast) as the titular Marston, Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3) as Mrs. Elizabeth Marston and Bella Heathcote (Fifty Shades Darker) as Olive Byrne. The biopic was directed by Angela Robinson.

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In theaters nationwide, director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright as General Antiope, Danny Huston as General Erich Ludendorff, David Thewlis as Ares, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, Elena Anaya as Doctor Poison and Lucy Davis as Etta Candy.

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