Woman puts her cheating ex's custom Batman SUV up for sale

The end of a relationship can be both an emotional and a financial strain, as couples often must untangle who owns what: y'know, the new television, that old sofa, the Batmobile ... Oh, yes, for one Batman fan, the break-up is about to cut especially deep.

A woman in suburban Detroit is selling her ex's Dark Knight-themed 2007 Dodge Nitro on Craigslist, saying, "Cheating boyfriend thought he was Batman."

The vehicle is priced at $18,000, which CBS Detroit notes is well above the $10,842 Kelley Blue Book value, but the seller assures that it's tricked out, with silver Batman logos and decals, and a Bat-Signal that shines on the ground whenever you open the driver and passenger doors. "If you are a Batman freak, this is the Batmobile for you," she writes."

The woman states that while the SUV belonged to her boyfriend, it's in her name, so she's confident she has legal standing to sell it. A sign on the back of the Batmobile reads, "When you are a liar and a cheater and an abuser and you have your side chick pay to trick out, customize and paint your 'Batmobile,' your girlfriend (ex) who worked her ass off to get you that vehicle has it re-poed!! Bye 'Batman.'"

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