When Did a Woman First Draw Batman, Spider-Man and Superman?

In "When We First Met", we spotlight the various characters, phrases, objects or events that eventually became notable parts of comic lore, like the first time someone said, "Avengers Assemble!" or the first appearance of Batman's giant penny or the first appearance of Alfred Pennyworth or the first time Spider-Man's face was shown half-Spidey/half-Peter. Stuff like that.

Last year, I did one of these on the first women to WRITE the adventures of Batman, Spider-Man and Superman. I also did a follow-up piece on who were the first women to either write or draw Wonder Woman (as a follow-up to that piece, let me note that Jill Thompson was the first woman to draw Wonder Woman in Wonder Wman's ongoing series, Thompson was also the first woman to write AND draw a Wonder Woman comic book story and Renae De Liz was the first woman to write and draw a whole Wonder Woman series). The other day, my pal Wayne asked me who the first woman was to draw Superman and I figured that this merited a follow-up to the original piece!

First off, we have to define what we mean by "draw Batman, Spider-Man and Superman." We, of course, don't just mean draw them in a comic book period, right? We mean in specifically a Batman, Spider-Man or Superman comic book.

Otherwise, the answer for Batman and Superman would be simple, as Ramona Fradon was the regular artist on DC's Super Friends comic book series from the late 1970s, starting with issue #3...

Ya got Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all on the very first page there! So that would pretty much do it if that's all you are looking for for Batman and Superman. However, I am pretty sure we all mean "in an actual Batman or Superman comic book series," right?

The answer there, though, is also a bit tricky.

In 1992, John Ostrander, Mary Mitchell and Bruce Patterson came out with a miniseries called Batman: Gotham Nights, which was a well-produced examination of the lives of the people of Gotham City...

The book is really not ABOUT Batman, but rather the people of Gotham City. Still, the book is clearly titled BATMAN: Gotham Nights and Batman appears in the comic book right away, so that should totally count, right?

We certainly count Trina Robbins as the first Wonder Woman artist for her 1986 Wonder Woman miniseries, so Mitchell has got to be the answer for this one.

Becky Cloonan, though, was the first woman to specifically draw an issue of the flagship Batman ongoing series, with Batman #12 in 2012...

So that is, of course, very notable on her part, as well.

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