Wolverine's Return: Everything We Know So Far

It's been quite a ride, watching Marvel Comics deconstruct Wolverine in recent years, even though the character hasn't been around. What we thought was the end for the X-Man in the Death of Wolverine, however, turned out to be a new beginning, with the Hunt for Wolverine setting up (gasp... another event) the Return of Wolverine.

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Though he's been alive again for a nearly a year, how he returned to life remains a huge mystery, and everyone who joined the hunt for the resurrected mutant ended up empty-handed. But with Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends #1 on the immediate horizon and promising to bring more details to light, let's look at what we do know so far about his revival.

Yes, He's The Real Wolverine

Many fans speculated if the Wolverine who returned in last year's Marvel Legacy one-shot was a clone or someone from an alternate reality like Old Man Logan. He's the real deal though, as seen in the Hunt for Wolverine one-shot, which showed Kitty phasing into the adamantium casing he died in, and removing his body.

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Logan was buried in the Canadian wilderness, so he could find peace at long last. That why, after Donald Pierce came to dig him up, everyone was shocked to find the adamantium shell empty. At that point, the truth about Kitty's burial came out. Upon visiting his grave after the villains were defeated, Kitty then realized her former mentor's body was indeed missing, which kickstarted the Hunt event.

The Hunt... Failed Miserably

Subsequently, in Weapon Lost, Kitty had Daredevil, Misty Knight, Frank McGee (an Inhuman detective) and Cypher scouring the globe for Logan. Kitty herself investigated his disappearance in Mystery in Madripoor (aka Wolverine's old stomping grounds) with a squad including Psylocke and Domino. Sadly, both parties found zero sign of the Wolverine, although it became obvious several villains were looking for him too.

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The Avengers, also hired by Kitty in Adamantium Agenda, failed to find Logan as well. Last but not least, Logan's own son, Daken, as well as Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth, came up blank too in their hunt outside Arizona in Claws of a Killer. Clearly, Wolverine wants to stay hidden, and he's really great at playing hide-and-seek.

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