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Wolverine: Weapon X #12

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Wolverine: Weapon X #12

In the future, Roxxon is all, but the resistance is hiding behind the storefront of Howlett’s, a resistance that includes Wolverine, although he’s not entirely the Wolverine we’ve come to know. More than a few times Marvel comics have peeked into the future of the most famous of the X-Men, and each time the story is a little different — from “Age of Apocalypse,” to “Old Man Logan,” to “Days of Future Past” and more.
Deathlok — actually a few Deathloks — have come back in time to eliminate key characters from the present day. Thus this story of a threatened future holds more than a few similarities to the “Terminator” franchise, but as Aaron himself recently reminded readers right here on CBR, Deathlok predates “Terminator” by more than a few years. Like the other stories previously mentioned, this tale involves more than just Wolverine. Deathlok is here, complete with the inner conflict between programming and free will. Of all of the iterations of Deathlok that have been bandied about lately, Aaron’s version is most intimidating and horrifying. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first “Terminator” film, Deathlok is seemingly unstoppable and determined to complete his mission.
Garney’s art here is spot-on: clean and defined when necessary, but gritty and rough to serve the story. The scene of the multiple Deathloks bursting into the Cafe Kiev to interrupt Bucky Cap’s downtime is breathtaking in its blazing brilliance. The establishment is not only invaded, but destroyed. Garney masterfully illustrates the destruction, with the Deathloks’ guns blazing.
While Wolverine gets in some prime shots in this story, I get the feeling the story is a little bit bigger than just another Wolverine story. Aaron does a great job of using the entirety of the Marvel Universe — past, present, and future — to fill this issue with a good story. With the introduction of Miranda, and her message to the present-day Wolverine, the path to the future appears clear, but as we’ve seen before in time-travel stories, the most obvious endpoint frequently isn’t the true end.
This issue of “Wolverine Weapon X” ends with cliffhangers in both the future and the present, and the confrontation between Deathlok and Wolverine is sure to be a story worthy of returning to for re-reading.