Weapon Lost 'Explains' How Wolverine Can be In Multiple Comics at Once

Wolverine is alive, but the X-Men don't know where he's gone. In order to track him down, Daredevil, Misty Knight, Inhuman detective Frank McGee and Cypher have been brought together to do the investigative work. In trying to narrow down their leads, a preview for Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2 actually helps explain how Wolverine can be in so many places at once, so to speak.

Logan is one of the most popular superheroes in the comic book industry, so it makes sense for Marvel to use him in as many ways as possible. In the years before his death in 2014, Wolverine was regularly appearing in multiple X-Men comics, Avengers titles and his own ongoing series. It became a talking point among both fans and Wolverine's own teammates how he managed to find time to be a regular member of the Avengers while still remaining an active part of the X-Men for such a long time.

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It's the kind of comic book logic that seemed impossible to explain, yet here we see that it might not be as improbable as initially believed. Using Cipher's ability to interface with computers, the assembled group of detectives get a hold of every reported sighting of Wolverine on the internet. As the scene above will confirm, he's essentially been spotted on every major continent in the world, which seems to suggest that he's able to get around pretty easily.

However, Cypher confirms that this is absolutely everything the internet has to say about Logan, which means it includes when "people talk about seeing Wolverine, being saved by Wolverine, making out with Wolverine." If this group is going to actually track down their target, they will need to narrow down the search parameters. That means no Old Man Logan, Laura Kinney or Jimmy Hudson sightings, and nothing older than 90 days.

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From there, they are able to actually get started, but they still have a lot of leads to check out. If Wolverine has really been in all these places in such a short amount of time, it seems to suggest he would have had no problem being on the X-Men, X-Force and Avengers all at the same time, while still having the freedom to go on his own solo adventures.

The hunt continues in Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2 (of 4), which hits shelves on Wednesday, June 6, but will Daredevil and friends be able to track him down in the end?

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