Wolverine, Watchmen, Hellboy 2: July 7th Comic Reel


Superhero Hype has a scan if a new image of Logan and claws from Empire Magazine.

Meanwhile, actor Kevin Durand talked to Thunder Bay's Source about playing the Blob. "I wasn't a comic book kid because I was busy playing hockey here in Thunder Bay. That's all I wanted to do and all I dreamed of really. But when I saw the first ('X-Men' film), I was just in awe and the second one ('X2: X-Men United') just blew me away," he said.


The new video journal shows Dave Gibbons on set as well as showing Rorshach in action.


CBR News has an interview with director Guillermo del Toro.

Actors Luke Goss and Anna Walton are quoted at Sci Fi Wire discussing how hard it was to get into character. "The first three or four hours was using any technique of being peaceful to get to that point where, ... one hour before you're ready, and then you start doing what you do when you, but it definitely is a challenge," Goss said.


CBR News also has a spoilery interview with actor Gary Oldman, who plays Jim Gordon in the Bat-sequel.

Also, this clip from the movie ...

... is just one of twelve today. The rest are at the Batman Yesterday, Today and Beyond message boards.

The Batmobile in a race? It's true ...

You could also watch the first five minutes of the film (SPOILER WARNING) ...

... or nine more minutes from it ...

There's also going to be IRL meetings of "Citizens for Batman" according to the website. Mmm, longitudinal ...


Along the same vein, ComicUS.IT has an interview with composers Valerio Coppola and Carlo Coratelli about scoring the project. "We all worked separately on our segments having Bruce Timm the executive producer as our go to guy in case we had questions or thoughts on the scores," Coppola said. "Bruce was the one we sat down and spotted the film with and he was the one who decided which segments of the film we were to score. Because 'Batman: Gotham Knight' is 6 separate stories done by different directors and anime houses it seemed logical to have 3 different voices in the scoring of the film."


How will Brea Grant's speedster character appear? She spoils it for the Hollywood Insider.

Herosite has a look at the season three logo.


Director David Bowers told Sci Fi Wire that purists shouldn't overly worry. "The characters are all there," Bowers said. "It is the original characters, but we have new characters, and Astro's basic journey is the same. He starts off in a slightly different environment. Astro's living in this floating city. But that's where the differences end, really. I must say, I just wanted to get to the emotional core of the movie and have people have a few laughs along the way and hopefully make them cry a couple of times. Then I'll be happy."


Speaking of manga adaptations, how about some new scans of images from the movie on the DB The Movie blog.


Fresh spoilers about another DCU guest star are at Kryptonsite.


CBR News has the inside scoop on how much money Will Smith made this weekend.

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