Wolverine vs. farm fresh eggs, by Faith Erin Hicks

The second issue of Marvel's Girl Comics anthology comes out tomorrow, which include a NextWave story by Faith Erin Hicks. If you can't wait to see her take on the Marvel U., though, you're in luck -- she's posted a complete Wolverine short story on her website that she created as a try-out for Marvel last year.

"So last year about this time was my very first contact with Marvel," she writes on her blog. "Specifically I was asked if I'd pitch an 11 page 'Iron Man or Wolverine story.' Since I had absolutely no interest in drawing Iron Man (all that mechanical armour, ugh!) and consider myself a patriotic beaver-flag-waving Canadian type, I opted for Wolverine. I sent Marvel 11 pages of thumbnails and a script, and never heard back. Boo hoo! Oh well. Eventually they asked me to do a submission for Girl Comics, so it all worked out in the end."

The story features ninjas, eggs and crying New Mutants. Go check it out.

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