Comic Legends: Is This Suggestive Wolverine Toy For Real?

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This Wolverine toy hammer is not for real.


Apparently False

Earlier today, I had a post about the weirdest superhero toys.

One of the toys that I was going to include on the list was a Wolverine inflatable toy hammer where the area where you blow to inflate the toy hammer happened to be placed in a strange place, right on Wolverine's crotch.

The photo of the toy was passed around the internet, but then people discovered that the article about the toy was posted on ChristWire, a satirical website making fun of conservative Christians.

Thus, people assumed that the toy was a hoax. Heck, I figured it was a hoax, which is why I did not include it on the list at first.

However, it appears that while the article ABOUT the toy was fake, it seems as though the toy itself is legit.

Mike Mozart at Jeepers Media got a hold of the toy and it seems legit.

So yeah, I guess it actually IS for real. Time to update that toy list!

Thanks to Mike Mozart for the info!

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