Wolverine's Next Comic is a 12-Part, Decades-Spanning Storyline

Charles Soule has revealed early details about his next Wolverine story, which will follow Logan across multiple decades.

Soule, who is currently the writer on Return of Wolverine, teased the new series in his latest newsletter. According to the newsletter, the story is tentatively titled Wolverine: The Vigil. The arc is meant to tie-in with the upcoming revival of the Marvel Comics Presents imprint, planned for next year.

The 12-part story will begin during the events of the second World War, and each issue will take place in a different time period. Soule also revealed that Paulo Siqueria (Spider-Force) will provide the art for the series.

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Teasing the tone of the story, Soule said, “It's dark, almost a fantasy or horror story, and I'm excited about it.” No other details about the story (like a potential release date) have been revealed.

Return of Wolverine #1 was the highest-selling issue of September, and saw Logan trying to uncover how he’s been restored to the land of the living following his demise in The Death of Wolverine.  Although the character has been brought back to life (along with some new powers), he’s also lost all memory of his past, hinting at the importance a story exploring decades of his life could have going forward.

Return of Wolverine #3, written by Charles Soule and with art by Declan Shalvey, is scheduled to be released Nov. 28.

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