Wolverine, Teen Titans, Ultimate Avengers, Superman Returns: October 17th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Variety (subscription required), Marvel Entertainment has teamed with Indian animation company First Serve Toonz to produce an animated "X-Men" series centered on Wolverine. The companies are set to produce 26 episodes, which will be available for distribution in 2007.


Let's keep it animated, shall we? How about a veritable phalanx of screen captures from upcoming episode, "For Real?" That do anything for ya?


Comics Continuum caught voice actress Grey DeLisle at the Motor City Comic Con, talking about some of the roles in the upcoming direct-to-DVD feature.


The Sydney Morning Herald has a report on what's left to be filmed for the Bryan Singer-led production. "With insiders suggesting there is about a month of filming to go, what is remarkable is how low-key and undisruptive the shoot has been for a movie contributing more than $100 million to the NSW economy. An estimated 80 per cent of filming has taken place at Fox Studios, with a crew of 800 at one stage. The rest has been shot around Sydney and rural NSW. After a break, reputedly to allow the charismatic filmmaker to celebrate his 40th birthday in the US, filming is resuming soon. One crew member said 'a few more street sequences' and 'some fairly major action pieces' are still to be shot." NSW probably stands for "New South Wales," for all non-Aussie fans.


Ain't It Cool News has a script review of the pilot for the new David Goyer/Geoff Johns-penned Spike TV pilot.


Always on the ball, our pals at Kryptonsite have the TV Guide description of the October 27th episode, "Thirst."


Who doesn't like a tease? The movie's official site has a teensy Flash-based tidbit to whet your appetite.


Who sat down to score animated gems like "Fantastic Four," "Iron Man," "X-Men: Evolution" and "Spider-Man?" Why it was composer William Anderson, and he talks about it all in an interview with Marvel Animation Age.


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