Wolverine, Superman Returns, Blade, Smallville: March 21st Comic Reel Wrap


IESB has the scoop direct from Fox Film Group president Tom Rothman. Their coverage said, "Hugh Jackman recently alluded that the Wolverine spin off film may be a prequel, how accurate is that? Although he says he will get in trouble if he tells, just between him and her, yes it's a prequel."


Actor Brandon Routh was interviewed by Fox News and spoke about the reasons behind the film's thesis and title. "It's nice to watch the character mature, rather than just to start over again," Routh said. "He gets to continue his journey, which is exciting, I think, for fans, instead of retelling again what we've seen in many different versions. We really get to see what's next and watch him evolve as a human, well, as an alien, but on Earth, like we evolve. We get to watch Superman evolve and learn about relationships and love."


The DVD trailer from this weekend's Wizard World LA convention is now available in glorious QuickTime, right here at CBR. Special thanks to Stephen Gerding at KungFuRodeo.com for his help with this.


Kryptonsite has some highlights from the upcoming TV Guide feature about the show, where actor Tom Welling and producer Al Gough, with all requisite spoilers therein.


Superhero Hype claims that Sony Pictures is targeting August 4's "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" as the first time you'll see the sequel's teaser trailer on the silver screen.


Finally, Superhero Hype has the press release for the new feature at Los Angeles' California Science Center, which runs through September. "Engaging and interactive experiences will encourage visitors to learn about real life science and technology through the mythic powers of Super Heroes. Is there a biological basis to Hulk's transformation? How can knowledge of simple mechanics help us command the strength of Iron Man? Visitors of all ages will enjoy finding the answers to these questions and more as they learn about science and technology while living the fantasy of their favorite Marvel Super Hero."


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