Wolverine, Smallville, Scott Pilgrim: April 27th Comic Reel


There's an interesting collection of links and ideas at Moviehole, alleging that the movie has three possible endings.  

Actor Hugh Jackman spoke to Entertainment Weekly (as quoted at Comic Book Movie) discussing how he thought about doing the part.  "I wanted to look like De Niro did when he took off his shirt in 'Cape Fear' and everyone went, 'Whoa,'" Jackman said. "You realized the guy was a freak.  Wolverine's fun and cool, but I wouldn't be down for my fourth time doing it if there wasn't something more interesting to it than just slicing and dicing and smoking a cigar and saying a few cool lines."

He also told USA Today that he relishes the role.  "He's a dark guy, a badass who does some questionable things," Jackman said. "I felt like we really hadn't tapped into the anger that he has in the comic books."

More?  He also discussed the project with MSNBC.  "Everything was new and fresh," said Jackman.  "It was important to me and Gav to move ahead in a fresh direction. Let's face it I was going through 100 years of this guy's life. In a way it was sort of acting the long way around. I have to say I loved it and that it was really, really challenging and I had a great time with these guys and all the others involved. It felt brand new."

Director Gavin Hood is quoted (with spoilers) at Sci Fi Wire talking about what kind of surprises the end credits hold.  

Finally, how about a new video clip?  


Kryptonsite has screen captures of the preview for this week's episode.  They also have the official network description for the season finale, "Doomsday."

Next episode: "Beast," April 27, 2009.


Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci told Sci Fi Wire that the sequel does a better job of balancing action with comedy.  "The story's a little smoother, and it's a little bit darker," Kurtzman said.  "So it does dip in there a little bit, but it has all the same humor, if not more than the first movie."

Did they say the same sorts of things in the new video interview at IGN?  You'd have to watch it to know for sure.

Busy Wednesday? This flyer at Superhero Hype has details on how you can see a new trailer.

Finally, Comic Book Movie has a new scan from Maxim magazine showing actress Megan Fox in the film.

Starring Shia LeBeouf, release date June 24, 2009.


Director Edgar Wright has posted two new set photos from the Oni Press adaptation.

Starring Michael Cera and Brandon Routh, release date: 2010.


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