Wolverine, Smallville, Heroes: April 10th Comic Reel Wrap


A fan site for actor Scott Adkins notes that he's been cast as Weapon 11 in the Hugh Jackman-fueled spin off.

Going to the other end of the spectrum, actor Daniel Henney (who plays Agent Zero) told The Daily News how he got the role. "I was in Los Angeles at the time having some meetings and finalizing details regarding upcoming work in the States," he said. "There wasn't much happening in terms of new scripts because the writers' strike was still in effect at that time. I went up to Malibu one day hiking or something and on the way back I was stuck in traffic. I received a very exciting call from my manager saying that we had to meet with Fox the next day for a meeting regarding 'X-Men.' The next day we went to Fox studios and had a meeting with the head of casting there. We sat down and she explained the basic premise of the film to me. I had no idea at this point that the director, producers, including Hugh Jackman, and executives at Fox had already made a decision on me. They had somehow seen some of my past films and thought I'd be right for the role. So after having all that explained to me, and four coffees later, she said that the role was mine if I wanted it."

The film is bringing $60 million per day to Sydney, according to Advance.


Kryptonsite has new production stills for the April 24th episode "Sleeper."


CBR News will be bringing back its fan favorite "Behind The Eclipse" feature with writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, and they want your questions for a super sized edition.


Pushed back again? Fight coordinator Richard Norton was supposed to be showing the heroes how to take swings and beat up bad guys, but posted on his website that he's left idle. "So here I am still in Los Angeles due to the movie, 'Justice League' being shelved until maybe the end of the year," Norton wrote. "I guess there were funding problems for the present. Oh well, that's the nature of the business I am in."


CBR News has the press release about veteran voice actor Clancy Brown stepping up as the Rhino. They also note that Kids WB is showing back-to-back episodes this weekend.


CBR News also has a retrospective on the show with producer James Tucker.


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