Wolverine, Smallville, G.I. Joe: December 24th Comic Reel Wrap


The story at Moviehole is that actor Hugh Jackman is working hard to bulk up when he returns as Logan. "Jackman's getting about three hours sleep a night at the moment and spending most of his hours in the gym. He wants to be the beefiest and muscliest he's ever been to play Wolverine in the film. He was about 80kg in the original, maybe 90 in the second or third one, but he wants to pack on a little extra padding this time -- hoping to get the scales to reflect a figure over 100. The man's diet at the moment is pretty extreme Ð he eats about six times a day, usually every three hours. Nothing that tasty either Ð lots of vegetables (plates of it), fruit and protein shake-fixes." Apparently, 100 KG is 220 pounds, FYI.

Meanwhile, actor Gerard Butler debunked Sabretooth rumors at Movies Online. "It's not true. I haven't even met on it, I haven't spoken to anybody and I haven't seen a script. And I think I'm working when it's going on, so it's not." Right then.


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers about this season's 14th episode, "Traveler."


According to a resume at GSA Music (PDF download), composer Alan Silvestri has signed on to score the Hasbro adaptation.


Speaking of resumes at GSA Music, the PDF one for composer Michael Giacchino states that he'll be providing the musical backdrop for the Emile Hirsch vehicle.


Illustrator Vivienne To made a posting on her website saying "Since completing her studies at the College of Fine Arts in 2006, she has been working as an illustrator for film and television. She is currently working on the Warner Bros. feature film 'Justice League,' while trying to improve her work and become a better artist and storyteller." So there you have it.

In other news, News.com notes that Bond girl Eva Green auditioned for an as-yet-unspecified role in the picture.


Mmm, high-definition QuickTime trailer ...


The latest podcast for Fanboy Confidential features an interview with creator Tom Manning about story points for the big screen adaptation of his work with Guillermo Del Toro, Nick Nunziata, and Lloyd Levin attached as producers.


If you speak Italian, this page has a chat with director Guillermo del Toro. Thanks to Coratelli for the heads up on that.


Not many creatures were stirring this weekend, as talks with David Letterman's Worldwide Pants and the Writers Guild have yet to deliver a side deal for his proposed January return to late night television. Talks continue this week ... but probably not much today. Maybe. Hard to know.

According to strike maven Nikki Finke, the AMPTP set up a new website called We Want The Awards to "urge the Writers Guild to allow the awards shows to go on as planned." Finke also has a statement from WGA-E president Michael Winship, urging strength during a particularly brutal winter striking season on the east coast. Brrr!

Back on the picket lines in January ...


Despite being feverish, the Comics Reel is here for you ... today, anyway. Sadly, due to some Nimrod's birthday celebration or something, we won't be here tomorrow -- look for the Comic Reel to return on the first day of Kwanzaa.

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