Wolverine, Smallville, Battle Angel Alita: The Comic Reel Wrap for October 5


According to Variety, scribe David Benioff (Troy, 25th Hour) will be writing the 'Wolverine' spin-off for 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios. Hugh Jackman is expected to reprise his role as the Canucklehead, but no papers have been signed just yet.


The direct-to-DVD animated feature was released today, and Comics Continuum talked to director/producer Andy Orjueta. "When I first got involved. I really understood where Brian held Lady Death," Orjuela said. "As a fellow creator, you have to respect that." "Since the beginning, I knew that Andy got it," Pulido said. "I don't know what your perspective is, but I haven't seen anything quite like Lady Death in live-action or animation. Sure, you see these girl-power films, but nothing like Lady Death. It's its own thing. And Andy got that. I feel real confident that he's held the torch." They have tons of screen captures from the feature.


Speaking of animated fun, the same page at Comics Continuum notes that David Clinton, aka Chronos, will be the villain in "The Once and Future Thing," the two-part season finale of Cartoon Network's "Justice League Unlimited." Chronos will be voiced by Ally McBeal's Peter MacNicol. Mindy Sterling, Frau from the Austin Powers movies, will provide the voice of his wife Enid.


Writer Yukito Kishiro confirmed on his website that James Cameron is attached to bring the anime property also known as "GUNMN" to the big screen. "I made an agreement about film adaptation of 'GUNNM' with the movie director James Cameron. I can't tell you in detail I have the confidentiality agreement. It is yet to be determined by him when start making it and released on. An official announcement will be made after a decision of starting time. Often they will give up movie projects or make it for more than a decade, you could guess that the GUNNM movie will get put together as well as I could. Please pray for quick and complete making the amazing movie, and warmly watch and wait in the long term."


Latino Review has a new interview with Christian Bale, where the brooding actor spoke about mentally gearing up for the upcoming Christopher Nolan-directed film. "I'm not somebody that really enjoys going and working out in the gym. I don't really enjoy it to be honest, so you have to psychologically will yourself to be doing that in a very intense fashion, but I'm better at that. I prefer doing things in a very intense way and having a deadline and really having to strive to reach it rather than just sort of having a general lifestyle of fitness. For me, I prefer to do it for a while and then just forget the whole thing for a while as well. But ultimately, obviously acting can involve physical change, but that's not really what the whole thing's about. It's exceptional parts where you have to do that and primarily it's correct to be focused more on the psychological side of things and there's far more depth and interest to that than anything you can ever achieve physically."


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers for upcoming episodes "Bound," "Facade" and "Devoted." They also have a new rumor about an old girlfriend of Clark's popping in soon.

Meanwhile, their archenemies over at Devoted to Smallville have scans of an interview with actor Michael Rosenbaum, who said, "The hopes for Lex are that he will find someone that loves him unconditionally. That he and Clark will get together and that he and Clark will sit down one day and share the secrets that are keeping them apart." They also have expanded spoilers for "Bound."


Tommorow marks the one year anniversary of the Comic Reel, when CBR reluctantly handed over the reins to one zany comics fan living on locations left over from "Training Day." We have no idea what that means ... except for our "pithy sign-off" will finally make its way out of development hell and be seen by the masses. Dwayne McDuffie already knows what it is, your mileage may vary.

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