Comic Legends: Did No One Tell Wolverine's Writer He Was a Skrull?

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Erik Larsen wasn't told for a few issues that the Wolverine that he was writing had been replaced with a Skrull.



A couple of months back, a reader wrote in to ask me specifically what issues featuring Wolverine were actually examples of "Skrullverine," the Skrull impostor of Wolverine who starred in a handful of X-Men stories before being dramatically killed off in Astonishing X-Men #3 by Apocalypse's new Horseman, Death (who turned out to be the REAL Wolverine, brainwashed into becoming Death).

In Uncanny X-Men #375, an autopsy reveals that "Wolverine" is a Skrull, hence "Skrullverine."

Anyhow, among the issues where "Skrullverine" starred in were a few issues of Wolverine's ongoing series, which was written by Erik Larsen at the time...

Larsen also wrote a guest appearance of Wolverine in Hulk #8...

In any event, reader Kevin G. wrote in in response to that article, "I seem to recall Erik Larsen saying he either didn't know or wasn't consulted about the fact that most of his run as writer of Wolverine would feature an impostor. I can't imagine that went over well. Imagine being given one of Marvel's most popular characters, then finding out you were writing a fake!"

That would be quite nuts!

So I asked Erik about it and he explained, "No, no--I knew.

I couldn't do the big reveal without knowing. I had the real Wolverine (as villain) show up in Hulk #8 because I wanted the real Wolverine to at least appear in that issue."

So there ya go!

Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin and thanks to Erik Larsen for the answer!

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