"Wolverine: Roar" Gets Second Printing

Official Press Release

Marvel is pleased to announce that Wolverine Annual #2: Roar has sold out at Diamond and, due to popular demand, will return with Wolverine Annual #2: Roar Second Printing Variant. >From red-hot writer Duane Swierzynski (Cable, Immortal Iron Fist) and acclaimed artist Mike Deodato (Wolverine: Origins, Thunderbolts) comes the double-sized thriller no Wolverine fan can dare to miss! When Wolverine stops for a cold drink in Roamer, New Mexico he finds that a savage creature is on the loose, wanting to wipe the town off the map! And if things couldn’t get any better for Canada’s premier mutant, the creature has a roar that could destroy a man’s eardrums! Luckily, for Wolverine, with his healing factor he can hear again after a minute…but a minute may be too long when there’s a blood thirsty creature coming after you! All this is wrapped up in a powerful cover by Deodato!

The last thing Logan may hear may be the very sound of his own screams! If you missed your first chance to check out this exciting new story, don’t miss it the second time around with Wolverine Annual #2: Roar Second Printing Variant!



Penciled by MIKE DEODATO


Parental Advisory …$3.99

FOC—10/9/08, On-Sale—10/29/08

Tags: wolverine, mike deodato, duane swierczynski

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