Where's Wolverine? Logan Makes His First Post-Credits Appearance In Captain America #695

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SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains massive spoilers for the final page of Captain America #695 by Mark Waid, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan and Matthew Wilson, on sale now.

Logan — the young, or at least correctly aged for the era he finds himself incarnation — made his shocking return to the Marvel Universe in Marvel Legacy #1, and with an Infinity Stone to boot. The original Wolverine is back in the land of the living and as announced a few months back, his journey can be found in the back of different Marvel comics due out this month in what the publisher is referring to as "post-credits scenes."

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While we knew that Wolverine was back, we didn't quite know what he wanted but the final page of this week's Captain America #695 at least hints towards what Wolverine is up to and where he may go next.

The post-credits scene features Logan looking for Steve Rogers in a bar but unfortunately -- due to the events of the main story in Captain America #695 -- Steve Rogers is currently indisposed. While it doesn't seem like much to go on at first, there's something important to be taken from this: Wolverine isn't trying to hide. If we're to assume we're seeing his initial action after acquiring the Infinity Stone, it makes sense that the first person he'd go to be would be Captain America, one of the people he trusts the most in the world.

Wolverine's next announced appearance is a post-credit scene in The Mighty Thor #703, which goes on sale January 17. Considering Jane Foster's current situation, it's likely he'll end up walking away empty-handed once again. Logan knows he has something out of his league and he knows that he needs help; it's likely we'll see him all over the Marvel Universe before his quest is over.

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