Wolverine Plot for Marvel New Talent Search held at WizardWorld

Official Press Release

Greetings, undiscovered talents! This is Bill Rosemann, Marvel's all-new, all-different Marketing Communications Manager, delivering your big chance to reach The House!

As mighty Joe Quesada announced weeks ago, we're looking for new blood to pump into Marvel! And when we say "new," remember that we don't care if you're 18 or 80 -- we just care how good you are! So we've created a contest that gives all of you pencilers (who have never been published before) a shot to land a gig drawing an upcoming issue of WOLVERINE! That's right, you can win the opportunity to draw the most popular X-Man of them all in his own top-selling title! Here's how!

1. Print out the following sample plot (which was actually written by WOLVERINE writer Frank Tieri).

2. Pencil your heart out!

3. Bring your pages -- or ultra clean copies -- to the Marvel booth at this year's WizardWorld comic convention! The cool con, taking place in Chicago, runs from Friday, August 17th, to Sunday, August 19th. And make sure your work has your name, address, phone number and/or e-mail address on it!

4. Cross your fingers!

And just to show you that we value the written word as much as incredible illustrations, we have a contest for new writers, too! All hopeful writers should bring a one-page pitch for an 8-page Wolverine story to our booth at the WizardWorld con. Just think, if your pitch is picked, you could land a job writing your back-up story for us... starring Wolverine! (And yes, True Believers, one pitch per contestant, please.)

That's It! So what are you waiting for? Get crackin'!

* PAGE 1

Shot of WOLVERINE leaving a bar in the city. It's late so the streets are deserted.

Shot of Wolverine, walking, reflecting.

Wolverine: Lookin' fer a shoulder to lean on just ain't my style. Fact is, I've had enough of a hard time admittin' how I-- eh?

Wolverine jerks around, putting his nose in the air, trying to pinpoint a scent. He looks up at the top of a building. He can barely make out some figures up there.

Wolverine: Up there. I'm bein' watched.

Close shot of THE MAJOR (our bad guy) with binoculars. The Major is a para-military sort, combat fatigues, guns, etc. The Major is a well built man, unmasked with a silver crew cut and a scar that goes from the top of his eyebrow, over his eye, down the side of his face. He has a few medals on his uniform, leftover from whatever military service he was expelled from.

Reverse shot, looking through the binoculars (in some sort of tech-crosshairs digital readout), straight down at Wolverine on the street. Wolverine sees them.

Back to the Major. His goons are up there with him, as well. The Major's goons are dressed in cool black army-like fatigues, a little different than the Major, but basically you can design them however you like (although I see the goons being masked, maybe something like Snake Eyes from G.I. JOE).

Major: Damn, we've been made.

* PAGE 2

The Major sends his goons after Wolverine.

Major: Peters, take his flank! Rogers, you--

Goon #1: Um ... sir?

Shot of same spot where Wolverine was just a moment ago.

Goon #1: He's gone

The Major flips out as his goons withdraw to search for Wolverine.

Major: Gone? But he was just ...


But they can't find him. They have their machine guns and weaponry drawn. Three of them stand next to a car.

Close-up under the car where we now see Wolverine, hidden underneath. The three goons still stand near the car. Only their legs and feet are visible in this panel.

* PAGE 3

Wolverine, from under the car, slashes the calves of one of the goons (let's call him goon#1). Goon #1 begins to fall back and accidentally fires upon the two goons next to him (remember, artist, keep it as clean as possible, not too much gore).

About five of the other goons react to the dying men's screams, machine gunning and flame throwing the car.

The car explodes into fire.

Wolverine emerges from underneath a car a little further back (Car #2). The fire on Car #1 is beginning to spread.

Wolverine uses Car #2 as a springboard and leaps at the goons. They turn their fire towards him, hitting him, but having no affect.

In midleap, Wolverine cuts the hose on one of the goons' flamethrowers.

It backfires, setting the goons on fire.

(Legal Mumbo Jumbo = The above plot, Wolverine (and all prominant characters featured in this plot and the distinctive likenesses therof) is a trademark of MARVEL CHARACTERS, INC. Copyright 2001 Marvel Characters, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

All right, you amazing artists and writers... sharpen those pencils... and have fun!

Source: Marvel Comics

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