Wolverine Goes Extreme With This Play Arts Kai Figure

As we count down the days to the premiere of "Logan," in which Hugh Jackman portrays an aging Wolverine whose healing factor is failing, Square Enix presents a markedly different vision of the fan-favorite mutant as part of its Variant Play Arts Kai series.

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Known for its often-radical reinterpretations of classic characters, the line of collectibles has produced the likes of Wild West Batman, heavy-metal Thor and creations so crazy they defy, or at least resist, description. While this new Wolverine perhaps isn't a dramatic departure from the original, it's definitely extreme -- in the '90s-est sense of the word.

Standing 9.9 inches tall, this Logan sports arms so muscled, so bulging with veins, that we're left wondering if the Weapon X program gave him more than an adamantium-laced skeleton. And his blue-and-yellow X-Men costume is so metal that it appears armored, from head to toe (it's anyone's guess as to whether those are armored hip boots or armored chaps; either way, they're definitely ... extreme).

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The figure comes with interchangeable heads (one with a stern expression and the other with full-on berserker rage) and nine hands, including two sets of claws. If those aren't enough to do the job, there's also a katana.

Available for preorder from $149.99 from the Square Enix store, Marvel Universe Variant Play Arts Kai Wolverine is expected to ship at the end of July.

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