When (And Where) Will Wolverine Show Up Again?

Captain America #697

The solicitation for this issue of Captain America reads: "Kraven the Hunter has a new target – and it’s Steve Rogers! Trapped in unfamiliar territory, stripped of his shield and on the run, Cap must find a way to evade Kraven long enough to save an innocent life – but this time, that might be impossible! And just wait until you see the final page…" It's not uncommon for comics publishers to keep contents of solicitations vague, so to not give away the story before it arrives in stores for readers. But now that we know who will be making a special guest appearance in the back of the comic, the ominous "final page" tease makes a lot more sense.

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The Captain America creative team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee have chosen to take Steve Rogers on a soul-searching road trip across America after the events of Secret Empire. You know who else happens to be traveling through the American heartland in a beer truck? That's right, it's Wolverine. It wouldn't take much for Logan to make a pit stop to aid his former Avenger teammate, with or without Cap's knowledge, and maybe even help retrieve his trusty shield in the process.

Mighty Thor #703

This issue's apparent connection to Wolverine is the polar opposite of Captain America's, at least from the solicitation. Promises of a final page reveal are nowhere to be found, and the issue continues the Mangog's path of destruction through Asgardian gods. However, Wolverine's potential involvement isn't completely out of left field; Marvel Legacy #1 had Loki showing interest in the Infinity Stones, specifically the one Logan ended up posessing. The trickster's mission has the potential to cross paths with Wolverine's, if only for a few pages. If nothing else, we're hoping to see Wolverine's reaction to seeing his former drinking buddy replaced with a female God of Thunder.

Amazing Spider-Man #794

Issue #794 of Amazing Spider-Man deals with Spidey confronting the Zodiac after some time-traveling hijinks. The horoscope-themed villain was tossed into the time stream nearly one year ago, and now time has caught up with Spider-Man. It's conceivable that Zodiac gained a powerful artifact during his travels in the form of the Time Stone, the whereabouts of which currently remain unknown

In yesterday's announcement, Marvel stated there would be more titles to feature these Wolverine post-credit scenes. Though only three were revealed, we have our ideas about what other titles should be included to further the Infinity countdown.

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