In Defense of Wolverine's New Costume

"But Wolverine looks like the angriest sushi chef in the world in this costume," you might say, and... you wouldn't be wrong. This outfit does scream: "harshest judge on Chopped," for sure. But that doesn't necessarily make it a bad getup. If the naval vibe we're getting has any merit, the design is a good mix of nautical and classic X-Men outfit styles. The more we consider the setting of the cover, the more we're reminded of Captain Nemo in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and that's pretty good company to be in.

The thick red trim also evoke a futuristic military vibe, which also lends itself pretty well to Wolverine considering his background in the service. Declan Shalvey is one hell of an artist (his work on Warren Ellis' run on Moon Knight was fantastic, by the way), so the costume design we see on this cover most likely wasn't some sort of afterthought. In fact, based on the short sleeves and mostly black coloring, one could assume that this costume could be paying homage to the goofy Chris Claremonet-era solo series costume from yesteryear, but with a modern flare.

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The outfit also hearkens back to the Wolverine from The Ultimate Universe. Hopefully his resurrection has made him into a massive jerk who preys on minors (fingers crossed). Say what you will about that version of the character, he did have a pretty awesome design...except of the soul patch he was sporting for a spell.

It's easy for a lot of comic readers to become jaded by huge tent pole moments from major publishers, especially when they involve the return or death of a major character (the former is especially damning and chips away at the stakes of storytelling), but we haven't seen Wolverine in this costume in action yet, so the jury is still out.

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Shalvey himself has gone on record saying that there's absolutely an in-story reason for the uniform, and that it's deliberately different from what you would expect Logan to wear. "It's not a Wolverine costume... it's not designed for Wolverine. It's basically something he finds." In short, fans who have gone to great lengths to point out he looks like a culinary student who paid his dues only to wind up serving raw fish to tourists in a food court might end up eating crow instead of sashimi.And for anyone still groaning over what could turn out to be a serviceable costume, we leave you this:


Makes you long for a bomber jacket and jeans, doesn't it?

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