Wolverine’s 10 Most Brutal Last Stands

He's the best there is at what he does. What that is, is brutally dispatching his enemies with a feral rage and intensity. Wolverine is one of the fiercest warriors to ever grace the pages of a comic book, and he's been in his fair share of bloody battles.

Throughout this character's history, he has had many close calls. Each and every time Wolverine has chosen to fight back with everything he has, taking out as many enemies as possible. Here are Wolverine's ten most brutal last stands.

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The Mongrels
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10 Wolverine Goes to Hell

The Mongrels

The Red Right Hand, a group former Wolverine enemies sworn to enact their revenge, manages to send the X-Man to the depths of hell. With the help of heroes such as Damion Hellstrom and Ghost Rider, Logan eventually manages to make his way back to the land of the living.

In his search for revenge against the Red Right Hand, he is forced to battle their death squad, known as the Mongrels. After a very long and bloody fight, Wolverine manages to kill every member of the Mongrels. It is later revealed that the Mongrels are made up of all of Logan's illegitimate children. The Red Right Hand had tricked him into slaughtering his children.

9 Massacres the Purifiers

In X-Men comics, the Purifiers are some of the most despicable people depicted. Formed by the sadistic William Stryker, the Purifiers' sole purpose is to eradicate the mutant threat. They essentially lead a holy war against all of mutant-kind.

During one of Wolverine's many adventures with the X-Force, he finds himself suspended in the air above several hundred of Purifiers. With a look of glee on his face, Wolverine drops down amidst the crowd of extremists and then precedes to kill each and every one.

8 Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine

Many of Wolverine's greatest last stands come against the incredible Hulk. Since the two warriors are both nearly indestructible, their fights tend to be some of the most epic to ever grace a comic book page.

In the Ultimate universe, Wolverine is contracted by Nick Fury to murder the Hulk. Finding the green beast in Tibet, the two have an epic fight. The fight ends with Hulk ripping Wolverine in half. Fortunately, Logan manages to heal from this injury.

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7 Defeats a Team of Undead Samurai

During the Wolverine: Soletaker comic series, Logan finds himself on yet another adventure in the country of Japan. While there, he is forced to face against a team of eleven undead samurai.

These samurai warriors are described as "brutal killing machines." Some even say they are the most dangerous samurai to ever live. Despite the assassin teams great skills, and also despite their undying nature, Wolverine manages to slaughter them all. Not only did Logan defeat these eleven warriors, but he did so in very quick succession. It didn't appear he even broke a sweat.

6 Berserker Rage in Limbo

In the X-Men comics Colossus' sister, Magik, has a special connection to the dimension known as Limbo. Filled with dark energy and demonic forces, Limbo is no place that anyone would want to visit.

When Magik goes missing inside Limbo, Colossus decides to lead a team of X-Men to rescue her. As the X-Men begin to get overwhelmed by an army of demons, Wolverine is gutted from behind with a large sword. Instead of injuring Logan, this sent him into a feral rage. Logan then saved the rest of the X-Men by slaughtering every single Limbo demon in sight.

5 Slaughter's Kierrok's Forces

A demon lord named Kierrok once took it upon himself to destroy the X-Men. He nearly accomplishes this goal, defeating each and every mutant until there was only one left standing: Wolverine. Logan then goes completely berserk and nearly kills the demon, causing him to flee back to his dimension.

Many years later, Logan makes his way into the dimension of Kierrok, filled with demons each of them powerful in their own right. Despite their vast numbers and incredible power, Wolverine butchers every one of Kierrok's demons. He then nearly kills Kierrok who barely manages to banish Wolverine from the dimension.

4 Vicious Circle


Yet another great battle between Wolverine and the Hulk, the Vicious Circle story has long been a fan favorite encounter between the two heroes.

After Hulk accidentally destroys a plane, Wolverine takes it upon himself to hold Banner accountable. During the time of this comic, Hulk was in his grey form. Throughout their battle, it looks as though Wolverine might win. Especially after he stabs Hulk in the stomach, knocking him unconscious. Towards the end, however, Wolverine gets distracted and the Hulk slams him into the snow.

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3 Enemy of the State

Enemy of the state

During the Enemy of the State storyline, Wolverine is brainwashed and forced to assassinate several individuals for the Hand. With some outside help, Logan manages to overcome the mind control and then sets out for revenge on the Hand.

Finding the Hand's secret base, and then kills hundreds of Hand ninjas. Not only that, but Logan also kills all of the Hand's leaders and their greatest assassin, the Gorgon.

2 Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan is the greatest Wolverine story of all time. Set in an apocalyptic future where most of the world's heroes have died, the land Logan lives in is ruled over by the Hulk's inbred family.

After the Hulk gang kills Logan's family, he sets out to enact his revenge. Toward the end of the story, Wolverine has one final battle with Bruce Banner himself. Larger than he has ever been before, this version of the Hulk manages to brutalize Logan and then eat him. To Banner's surprise, Logan survives and claws his way out of the Hulk's stomach, killing him.

1 Death of Wolverine

Death of Wolverine

Quite literally Wolverine's last stand, the Death of Wolverine storyline truly showed how resilient this great character is. When Wolverine discovers Dr. Cornelius of the Weapon X program is trying to replicate the experiment that made Wolverine, he sets out to stop it.

After Logan arrived, Cornelius set his newest experiment on Wolverine hoping to kill him. After a long, bloody battle Wolverine wins. While destroying the adamantium containers in the facility, Logan gets covered in liquid adamantium that suffocates him. Despite his tragic death, Wolverine still managed to finish the job and stop Dr. Cornelius.

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