Wolverine: 10 Marvel Heroes He's Close To (And 10 He Cannot Stand)

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Wolverine is one of the most instantly recognizable superheroes of all time. At one point, he was on just about every Marvel team going; you couldn't get away from the guy! Rubbing shoulders with all those different people means Logan made lots of friends. Logan also made a lot of enemies. For the people he cares about, Wolvie is an unrelenting and reliable ally. He has formed partnerships with some of the biggest names in Marvel comics, partnerships that he puts a lot of value in. While on the surface Logan is a tiny hairyball of near-indestructible feral rage, he's also a sweetheart and a stalwart companion.

He's always quick to anger, so getting on his bad side is inadvisable, given his adamantium claws. Regardless, whether you're a hero or a villain you can still raise the ire of the clawed Canadian. You may be locked in a blood feud with him, your fundamental ideals may clash or it could be that you simply talk to much -- there are many ways to annoy Wolverine. Logan's healing factor can repair a great many things, but his pride has been permanently bruised by a hero or two over the years. How can a man that short hold so many grudges inside? We're not entirely sure! Let's take a deeper look into how Wolvie gets on with his coworkers!



By virtue of his healing factor, Wolverine has been around quite a long time. Nick Fury, thanks to the Infinity Formula, has also been around for a long time. The two have crossed paths over the years, butting heads at times. Nick even had his protege, Quake, pop Logan's heart during Secret War. Though you'd think they'd hate one another, the two share a deep respect.

The two shared an effective partnership, despite a little friction, in the late '80s/early '90s in a trilogy of stories. Logan helped Fury rescue his son Mikel, operating under the alias Scorpio, from a brainwashing scheme. Over the course of the trilogy, the two resolved issues with differing ideals and even helped remove Hydra's foothold on Mikel's home country of Carpasia.


Wolverine and the Hulk have come to blows several times over the years and across multiple universes. In one incident, in the Ultimate universe in particular, Logan was sent to stop the Hulk permanently. He didn't stop Bruce however, as The Hulk pulled him apart. From this point on, Logan was even more determined to fight the big green guy.

Wolverine is extremely hard to put down and the Hulk is indestructible, so the two could fight for decades. The Hulk and his family even became foils for Logan in the Old Man Logan book. This unfortunate future had Logan struggle under their tyrannical rule, proving that the feud has a certain longevity.


Like Captain America and Nick Fury, Wolverine fought in WWII. As a member of the Canadian military, Logan worked together with Cap and the US to do his part. Since then, the two have been aware of one another and worked together on countless occasions, forming a dependable friendship. Logan would later join Steve on the Avengers, also.

During the events of Avengers Vs. X-Men, Cap consulted Wolverine as his first point of contact on what action to take to resolve friction between the teams. Though the two disagreed on a resolution and Cap kicked Logan out of a moving Quinjet because of it, it didn't harm their robust bond. In fact, it may have only made it stronger.


11 Wolverine and Punisher Dick Shot

You'd think Wolverine and the Punisher would get along a lot better. They both like to solve things in a violently direct manner and they both hate that Spider-Man talks too much. While they have had their goals aligned in the past, they've torn chunks out of one another.

In one infamous encounter, Frank Castle even removed Logan's more tender parts with a shotgun. As if that wasn't enough, he then took a steamroller to the recently smoothed Wolverine. Logan did not take kindly to this and rarely has a nice thing to say about Castle. The farther apart these two hotheads stay, the better... for everyone!

16 CLOSE TO: X-23


X-23 was cloned from Logan's DNA, so to begin with, they're close to one another biologically. Though they didn't meet until Laura was a teenager, Logan and Laura shared such mirrored pasts that they were able to relate to one another on an even deeper level. This understanding of one another's trauma helped them form a significant connection.

Teaching her all that he had learned about being more than a weapon, Logan became like a father to Laura. Despite her capabilities and experience, he remained fiercely protective of the young mutant. Following Wolverine's passing, Laura would take up the mantle of the Wolverine to honor him, until his recent return.


There is certainly no love lost between Magneto and Wolverine. One is the master of magnetism, the other has a metal skeleton -- it's a cocktail for contention if there ever was one. Those particular elements came into play when Magneto famously ripped the adamantium from Logan's body. It's a given that someone can't forget such excruciating pain in a hurry and Logan can hold a mighty grudge.

The underlying mistrust between the two has always been present, even when Magneto moved into a role among the X-Men. However, it's hard for Wolverine to really do much about someone who can manipulate his body so easily.


Wolverine has a knack for mentoring students, albeit reluctantly. He's shown his aptitude for teaching with several of the X-Mansion alumni in the past, Jubilee included. What appears as an odd pairing actually became a rather cohesive duo. The plucky young mutant's enthusiasm and whimsy leveled Logan's grizzled aura out as they worked together.

With Logan's teachings instilled in her, Jubilee even took up the mantle of Wolverine herself in the distant future. In the Battle of the Atom arc, she is the Wolverine of the future X-Men, using her energy projection ability to give herself claws on top of her vampiric healing factor. Jubilee made for an interesting emulation of her former mentor!


7 Wolverine and Sabretooth

Possibly the most bloody of rivalries Logan has ever had, his vendetta against Sabretooth is the stuff of legend. They even have tradition where Sabretooth will try and end Logan's life every year on his birthday. Victor even kept up the tradition while on Wolverine's Weapon X team, their alliance ignored for the day.

Sabretooth always seems to be a reflection of what Logan would be if he strayed across the lines of morality. Unhindered by his conscience and decidedly lethal, Victor Creed is Logan's most persistent adversary. Though the two can and have coexisted on teams before, it never lasts.



Another of Logan's many proteges, Anna Marie began as a wayward soul. Having appeared originally as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Rogue had trouble fitting in at the X-Mansion. Logan, who also began his time on the X-Men under a cloud of mistrust, took Rogue under his wing.

As with most youngsters he gives his time to, Logan became a pseudo-dad to Rogue, seeing the same qualities in her that Charles Xavier saw when he invited her aboard. Wolverine taught Rogue how to be a leader and gave her command of her first X-Team. Since then Anna Marie has lead not only X-Men, but Avengers too!


wolverine cyclops

Cyclops and Wolverine have never really gotten along all that well. They've coordinated for the good of mutantkind in the past, but tensions eventually got too high. One of their main points of contention was over the affection of Jean Grey, which only got worse after her passing.

With this rivalry bubbling, the tipping point was the Schism event. This saw the X-Men split down the middle in their ideals, with Logan taking half of the X-Men to rebuild the X-Mansion and Cyclops taking the other half down a more radical path. They became a mirror of an old rivalry, Logan honoring Xavier's vision and Cyclops becoming more like Magneto.


Wolverine Kitty Pryde

Yet another of Logan's apprentices, Kitty Pryde trained in a number of martial arts under Logan. From his time in Japan, Logan learned quite a lot about martial arts and even the use of a sword. While Wolverine doesn't necessarily need a sword himself, he passed on his knowledge of swordplay to Kitty Pryde.

Aside from teaching her to defend herself, to compliment her phasing powers, Wolverine taught her to lead. With Logan's lessons, Kitty now leads the X-Men Gold team, even commanding the time displaced older version of Logan. She was also made headmistress of the Jean Grey School, formerly under the watch of Wolverine.


Emma Frost's relationship with the X-Men in general has been tentative. She opposed them as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, she was temporarily part of Norman Osborn's Dark X-Men and she put all of mutantkind at odds with the Inhumans. It also doesn't help that Wolverine is a big fan of Jean Grey, with whom Emma had a longstanding rivalry.

Like a lot of his fellow X-Men, Logan has never fully trusted Emma. In turn, Emma doesn't really rate Wolverine. Underestimating him on more than one occasion, to her detriment, she sees Wolverine as nothing more than a semi-intelligent berserker. Her close relationship with Cyclops means a lot of their shared ideals clash with Wolverine's, further cementing her disdain for Logan.


Piotr Rasputin and Logan have a lot in common. Their powers have aspects of metal, they're from colder countries and they're never afraid to put themselves in harm's way for the people they care about. Wolverine and Colossus both joined the X-Men at the same time, so they've been colleagues, at very least, for years.

Both men have a great deal of respect for one another, both personally and professionally. So much so that the prideful Logan has no problem allowing Colossus to throw him like a football in their patented "Fastball Special," a maneuver that is the bane of villains everywhere. Just don't ask them to team up against Magneto!


Deadpool can be annoying, but that's not new information to a lot of the people he encounters within the Marvel Universe. However, when you mix that with Logan's notoriously short temper, it beckons mayhem. The Wolverine and the merc with the mouth have tussled a few times over the years as a lot of Deadpool's contracts put him on a collision course with other heroes.

Though Logan tapped Wade to join his Uncanny X-Force team, he did lose control of him quite early on. Wade and the team were in contention over whether it was morally right to destroy Apocalypse while he was still a child. Wade almost leaves the team over the argument, adding to Wolverine's frustrations.


Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler, is one of Logan's best friends. Much like Colossus, he joined the X-Men at the same time as Wolverine. What gives them their connection is that Kurt understands the difficulties of being treated like an animal. Where a lot of people (X-Men included) treat Logan like a beast, Nightcrawler treats him like a person.

Always pushing Logan to be a better person, Kurt never gave up on his friend. In the events of X-Men: Second Coming, Nightcrawler fell in battle with Bastion. The other X-Men didn't know how to approach Wolverine with the news, knowing how close they were and how much his loss would devastate Logan. Indeed their connection is strong, even earning them an adorable shared name: Logurt.


Historically, Wolverine doesn't get along well with someone who has an ego as large and as easily bruised as his own. This is why he doesn't really get along with Namor. The half mutant king of Atlantis is vain and quick to anger, which has caused the two to fight in the past.

Though the two often find themselves on the same team, even as far back as WWII, they often end up punching one another. Both men usually believe they know what's best and often get tunnel vision when their rage descends. Logan maintains he could easily defeat Namor, but chooses not to.


old man logan hawkeye

Hawkeye and Logan share a mutual respect due to their shared ability to lead and execute precise plans. In one potential, albeit unfortunate future, the pair find themselves as two of the last surviving superheroes. With Hawkeye no longer enjoying the precise vision he once had and Wolverine's healing factor all but sputtered out, the two need to work together to survive.

This brings the two together closer than they were in the regular timeline, such that, when a time-displaced Old Man Logan is stranded in the modern day, he still seeks out Hawkeye. Old Man Logan knows firsthand of Clint's reliability and expertise, he is assured of his trust in Clint from any point in the timeline.



To say Mystique is a hero is dependent on who you ask within the Marvel Universe. She has been an X-Man before and she recently turned up to Rogue and Gambit's wedding to give her blessing, which was suspiciously kindhearted of her.

Regardless of her ever-shifting affiliation, Logan is not a fan. Though the two have been romantically involved before, the amount of attempts on each others' lives number in the dozens. During Battle of the Atom, a mutant named Raze appears, who is the child of Wolverine and Mystique, and it is revealed she has instilled her hatred of Logan in the young mutant.


Havok Joe Quesada

The brother of Cyclops, Havok has had a surprisingly good relationship with Wolverine. Given how much Logan dislikes Cyclops, it's fortunate for these two friends that the elements that annoy Logan about Scott do not run in the family. Wolverine helped teach Alex hand-to-hand combat and the two aligned in ideals following the Schism, which split the X-Men roster apart.

The pair were once brainwashed to work against one another, with Havok actually destroying Wolverine in self defense. Wolverine managed to heal himself, as he is known to do, and the duo remained friends regardless. Wolverine also tapped Alex to lead X-Factor alongside Polaris, giving his friend the platform to show his leadership acumen.



The student responsible for the infamous riot at Xavier's mansion, Quentin doesn't do well with authority figures. So, when Logan found himself the headmaster of the X-Mansion, Quentin had to act up. Not comfortable with the fact someone he thinks isn't as smart as him is his superior, Kid Omega trapped Logan in a mindscape to test the veteran.

The two battled with wit and will in the Alpha vs Omega story, and although Wolverine taught him some respect, the two still don't get along. Logan is easily annoyed on most days, so having to deal with the snooty, full-of-himself Quentin on top of running the Jean Grey School was a testing period for him.

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