Wolverine Legends Revealed!

In honor of Wolverine's new movie opening this weekend, we decided to spotlight past editions of Comic Book Legends Revealed that has featured Wolverine over the years!

Check them all out below!

1 Did Marvel take the idea for Wolverine from a fan submission to a contest?

2 Was Wolverine's origin at one point going to be that he was a genetically mutated Wolverine?

3 Was Spider-Woman's first origin Wolverine's rejected origin?

4 Did Dave Cockrum create Wolverine before he even came to work for Marvel?

5 Was Wolverine's first costume patterned after the uniform for the Michigan Wolverines?

6 Was Wolverine Going to Kill Sabretooth...Over Thirty Years Ago?! And was Sabretooth supposed to be Wolverine's dad?

7 Did Peter David Come Up With the Idea of Magneto Ripping Out Wolverine's Adamantium As a Joke Suggestion?

8 If He Had Stayed on X-Men, Was Chris Claremont Planning to Have Wolverine Killed?

9 Was Wolverine's past in World War II nearly first revealed in the pages of Captain America and not the X-Men (or Wolverine)?

10 Did Joe Rubinstein Ghost-Pencil One of the Issues of Frank Miller's Wolverine Mini-Series?

11 Did an Ethnic Slur Accidentally Find Its Way Into an Issue of Wolverine?

12 Was Apocalypse originally intended to be behind the Weapon X program?

13 Was Wolverine's Classic Helmet Design the Result of a Mistake by Gil Kane?

14 Was Talon of the Guardians of the Galaxy Introduced a Replacement for Wolverine?

15 Did Hugh Jackman get the role as Wolverine in the first X-Men movie because the original actor cast as Wolverine injured himself on the set of another movie?

16 Did Marvel Used to Have a Rule That Wolverine Could Not Have Hair on His Arms While in Costume?

17 Did a rejected design for Wolverine's face under his mask ultimately become Sabretooth's face?

18 Was Larry Hama forced to add words to a silent issue of Wolverine?

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