Wolverine: Killing Made Simple #1

Story by
Art by
Coy Turnbull, Salvador Regla
Colors by
Beth Sotelo
Letters by
VC - Cory Petit
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Wolverine's hard to kill, sure--but if one guy knows how to do it...it's WOLVERINE himself! X-FORCE co-writer Christopher Yost and superstar Koi Turnbull have all the answers as Wolverine faces down NANNY and ORPHAN-MAKER and lets former NEW X-MEN member TRANCE in on all his secrets... And in a special bonus tale, TELLOS writer Todd Dezago and NEWUNIVERSAL's Steve Kurth send Logan to the Arctic Circle, and show us that there's always one more way to die...

Marvel Comics' Complete Solicitations for July 2019

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